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December 2018
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Standard Plans Update for FY 2019-20 (Full Version)

Overview of the major changes for the FY 2019-20 Standard Plans for Road and Bridge Construction.

PDFYouTube Derwood Sheppard
Session 1

General overview of the Standard Plans, Revision History Log, Errata Process, Updates to Misc. Indexes (Including; Earthwork Details, Superelevation, Driveways, and Sidewalk/Curb Ramps).

PDFYouTube Derwood Sheppard
Session 2

Standard Plans Updates for; Concrete Barrier, Pier Protection Barrier, Opaque Visual Barrier, Guardrail, and Crash Cushions.

PDFYouTubeRichard Stepp
Session 3

Standard Plans Updates for; Temporary Traffic Control (aka, Maintenance of Traffic, MOT), Incidental Construction, Traffic Control Signals and Devices, Signing, Pavement Markings, and Lighting.

PDFYouTubeEdward Cashman
Session 4

Standard Plans Updates for Structures/Bridges.

PDF YouTube Cheryl Hudson
April 2018
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Audible and Vibratory Treatments (AVT)

Overview of updated Standard Plans Index 546-010 and Roadway Design Bulletin 18-03 (Rumble Strips and Profiled Thermoplastic)

Gevin McDaniel

Edward Cashman



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