Roadway Design


This webinar series is focused on design and analysis of Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDI). This series will present guidance on the major elements of DDI project development including Geometric Design, Signing and Pavement Marking, Traffic Operations, Multimodal Accommodations, Plans Detailing, and Public Involvement.
FDOT Developmental Design Criteria, D217 Diverging Diamond Interchanges is covered as well as national design guidance and industry best practices.


The intended audience for this training includes transportation professionals involved in the planning, design, and review of Diverging Diamond Interchanges.


Topics Covered:

  • DDI Overview
  • DDI Geometric Design
  • DDI Signing and Pavement Marking
  • DDI Traffic Operations
  • DDI Multimodal Accommodations
  • DDI Plans Detailing & Public Involvement


  • Participants should be familiar with Report FHWA-SA-14-067 Diverging Diamond Interchange Informational Guide and the FDOT Design Manual.
  • Participants should have a general understanding of roadway geometric design principles.

Webinars and Presentation Slides

WebinarPresentation SlidesDate 
DDI OverviewPDFJune 15, 20212:00 - 5:00
DDI Geometric DesignPDFJune 29, 20212:00 - 3:00
DDI Signing and Pavement MarkingPDFJuly 16, 20212:00 - 3:00
DDI Traffic OperationsPDFAugust 10, 20212:00 - 3:00
DDI Multimodal AccommodationsPDFAugust 24, 20212:00 - 3:00
DDI Plans Detailing & Public InvolvementPDFSeptember 7, 20212:00 - 3:00