Roadway Design


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Volume 1

Complete PDF FilesBulletinTitle
Volume 1 Complete Complete Volume 1 - (14mb file size)

Volume 1 Cover

 Color Binder Cover and Color Spine

Cover Sheet

 Inside Cover

Registration Form

 Registration Form



Table of Contents

 Volume 1 Table of Contents



Chapter 1

 Design Controls

Chapter 2

 Design Geometrics and Criteria - (2.2Mb file size)

Chapter 3


Chapter 4

RDB16-01Roadside Safety

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

 Railroad Crossing

Chapter 7

RDB16-07Traffic and ITS Design

Chapter 8

 Pedestrian, Bicycle and Public Transit Facilities

Chapter 9

 Landscape and Community Features

Chapter 10

 Transportation Management Plan

Chapter 11

 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

Chapter 12

 Right of Way

Chapter 13

 Initial Engineering Design Process

Chapter 14

 Final Engineering Design Process

Chapter 15

 Update Engineering Design Process

Chapter 16

 Design Submittals

Chapter 17

 Engineering Design Estimate Process

Chapter 18

 Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Chapter 19

PSB16-01Sealing Design Documents

Chapter 20

 Plans Processing and Revisions

Chapter 21

 Transportation Design for Livable Communities

Chapter 22

 Lump Sum Project Guidelines

Chapter 23

RDB16-08Design Exceptions and Design Variations

Chapter 24

 Federal Aid Project Certification

Chapter 25

 Design Criteria for Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation (RRR) of Streets and Highways

Chapter 26

RDB16-06Bridge Project Development

Chapter 27

 Hydraulic Data and Agency Permits

Chapter 28

 Shop and Erection Drawings

Chapter 29

 Structural Supports for Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals

Chapter 30

 Retaining Walls

Chapter 31

 Geosynthetic Design

Chapter 32

 Noise Barriers

Chapter 33

 Reinforced Concrete Box and Three-Sided Culverts

Chapter 34

 Monitor Existing Structures

Volume 2

Complete PDF FilesBulletinTitle
Volume 2 Complete Complete Volume 2 - (11mb file size)
Volume 2 Cover Color Binder Cover and Spine
Cover Sheet Inside Cover
Table of Contents Volume 2 Table of Contents
Introduction Introduction
Chapter 1 Production of Plans
Chapter 2 Sequence of Plans Preparation
Chapter 3



Key Sheet and Signature Sheet
Chapter 3 Exhibits


Key Sheet and Signature Sheet
Chapter 4 Summary of Pay Items
Chapter 5 Drainage Map and Bridge Hydraulic Recommendation Sheet
Chapter 5 Exhibits Bridge Hydraulic Recommendation Sheet
Chapter 6 Typical Sections
Chapter 6 Exhibits Typical Sections - (5mb file size)
Chapter 7 Summary of Quantities
Chapter 7 Exhibits Summary of Quantities
Chapter 8 Summary of Drainage Structures and Optional Materials Tabulation
Chapter 8 Exhibits Summary of Drainage Structures and Optional Materials Tabulation
Chapter 9 Project Layout
Chapter 9 Exhibits Project Layout Sheet
Chapter 10 Roadway Plan and Roadway Plan-Profile
Chapter 10 Exhibits Project Notes Sheet and Roadway Plan-Profile
Chapter 11 Special Profiles
Chapter 12 Back-of-Sidewalk Profiles
Chapter 13 Intersection and Interchange Details/Layouts
Chapter 14 Drainage Structures
Chapter 14 Exhibits Drainage Structures
Chapter 15 Lateral Ditch/Outfalls, Retention/Detention and Mitigation Areas
Chapter 16 Special Details
Chapter 17 Soil Survey
Chapter 17 Exhibits Soil Survey
Chapter 18 Roadway Cross Sections
Chapter 19 Temporary Traffic Control Plan
Chapter 20 Utility Adjustments
Chapter 21


Selective Clearing and Grubbing
Chapter 21 ExhibitsRDB16-10Selective Clearing and Grubbing
Chapter 22 Miscellaneous Structures Plans
Chapter 23 Signing and Pavement Marking Plans
Chapter 24 Signalization Plans
Chapter 25 Lighting Plans
Chapter 26 Landscape Plans
Chapter 26 Exhibits Landscape Plans
Chapter 27 Utility Work by Highway Contractor Agreement Plans
Chapter 28 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
Chapter 28 Exhibits Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
Chapter 29 Intelligent Transportation System Plans
Appendix A Metric Practice