Roadway Design

FDOT Design Manual

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2022 FDOT Design Manual

2022 FDOT Design Manual - Errata

Section Errata DateChapter NameDescription
103Form 267-A1/31/2022Standard FormsChanged Form 267-A to Form 152-A
Exhibit 120-1
1/21/2022Design SubmittalsFDM 302.4 reference changed to 910.2.2
Updated to display tiny URL
13055/17/2022Signing and Sealing DocumentsMoved paragraph to be above the Blue Box
2015.1.112/7/2021Design ControlsChanged "less" to "more" in the first sentence
21112/15/2022Limited Access FacilitiesAdded link to the Managed Lanes Guidebook
212611/5/2021IntersectionsRemoved "ONLY" from pavement markings in Exhibit 212-1
2282.45/17/2022Landscape DesignChanged Blue Box reference from 228.2.3 to 228.2.4
230Exhibits 1a & 1b1/5/2022Signing and Pavement MarkingAdded "and DO NOT ENTER" to item #1 of the Installation Details
302Exhibit 302-23/29/2022Key SheetRemoved "Certificate of Authorization"
303Exhibits 303-1 & 23/29/2022Signature SheetRemoved "Certificate of Authorization"
305Exhibit 305-13/29/2022Drainage Map and Bridge Hydraulic Recommendation SheetRemoved "Certificate of Authorization"
310Exhibit 310-2 & 33/29/2022Project ControlRemoved "Certificate of Authorization"
312Exhibit 312-13/29/2022Roadway Plan-ProfileRemoved "Certificate of Authorization"
315Exhibits 315-2 & 43/29/2022Drainage StructuresRemoved "Certificate of Authorization"
318Exhibit 318-13/29/2022Soil SurveyRemoved "Certificate of Authorization"
320Exhibit 320-13/29/2022Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)Removed "Certificate of Authorization"
323Exhibits 323-1 thru 43/29/2022Selective Clearing and GrubbingRemoved "Certificate of Authorization"
Exhibits 910-1, 2, & 3
1/21/2022Key Sheet and Signature SheetCorrected example URL FPID number
Updated to display tiny URL
Project Control
Changed typically used sheets to large-format
914Exhibit 914-13/29/2022General NotesRemoved "Certificate of Authorization"