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Complete 2008 Design Standards Book
-1-2 of 2Cover08.pdf2008 Design Standards Book Cover
-1-3 of 3Content.pdf2008 Design Standards Book Table of Contents
-1-8 of 8Revisions.pdf2008 Design Standards Book Revision History
0011-2 of 2001.pdfStandard Abbreviations
0021-3 of 3002.pdfStandard Symbols
1001 of 1100.pdfTemporary Slope Drain And Sod Flume
1011 of 1101.pdfTrash Retainer And Sediment Basin
1021-3 of 3102.pdfTemporary Erosion And Sediment Control
1031 of 1103.pdfTurbidity Barriers
1041-2 of 2104.pdfPermanent Erosion Control
1051 of 1105.pdfShoulder Sodding And Turf On Existing Facilities
1061 of 1106.pdfSoil Tracking Prevention Device Type A
1991 of 1199.pdfGeotextile Criteria
1991 of 1199.pdfGeotextile Criteria
2001-5 of 5200.pdfStructure Bottoms - Type J And P
2011-5 of 5201.pdfSupplementary Details For Manholes And Inlets
2051-6 of 6205.pdfCover Height
2061-2 of 2206.pdfTrench Drain
2101 of 1210.pdfCurb Inlet Tops - Types 1, 2, 3 And 4
2111-2 of 2211.pdfCurb Inlet Tops - Types 5 And 6
2121 of 1212.pdfCurb Inlet - Type 7
2131 of 1213.pdfCurb Inlet - Type 8
2141 of 1214.pdfCurb Inlet Top - Type 9
2151 of 1215.pdfCurb Inlet Top - Type 10
2161-3 of 3216.pdfClosed Flume Inlet
2171-2 of 2217.pdfMedian Barrier Inlets Types 1, 2, 3, 4 And 5
2181-2 of 2218.pdfBarrier Wall Inlet
2191-2 of 2219.pdfBarrier Wall Inlet - Barrier Wall, Concrete ( Rigid ) (C & G)
2201-3 of 3220.pdfGutter Inlet - Type S
2211-2 of 2221.pdfGutter Inlet - Type V
2301-2 of 2230.pdfDitch Bottom Inlet - Type A
2311-3 of 3231.pdfDitch Bottom Inlet - Type B
2321-6 of 6232.pdfDitch Bottom Inlets - Types C, D, E And H
2331 of 1233.pdfDitch Bottom Inlets - Types F And G
2341 of 1234.pdfDitch Bottom Inlet - Type J
2351-2 of 2235.pdfDitch Bottom Inlet - Type K
2401-2 of 2240.pdfSkimmer For Outlet Control Structures
2411 of 1241.pdfSkimmers For Frenchdrain Outlets
2451 of 1245.pdfUnderdrain Inspection Box
2501-2 of 2250.pdfStraight Concrete Endwalls - Single And Multiple Pipe
2511-2 of 2251.pdfStraight Concrete Endwalls - Single And Double 60" Pipe
2521-2 of 2252.pdfStraight Concrete Endwalls - Single And Double 66" Pipe
2531-2 of 2253.pdfStraight Concrete Endwalls - Single And Double 72" Pipe
2551 of 1255.pdfStraight Concrete Endwall - Single 84" Pipe
2581 of 1258.pdfStraight Sand - Cement Endwalls
2601 of 1260.pdfU-Type Concrete Endwalls With Grates - 15" To 30" Pipe
2611-3 of 3261.pdfU-Type Concrete Endwalls - Baffles And Grate Optional - 15" To 30" Pipe
2641 of 1264.pdfU-Type Concrete Endwall - Energy Dissipator - 30" To 72" Pipe
2661 of 1266.pdfWinged Concrete Endwalls - Single Round Pipe
2681 of 1268.pdfU-Type Sand-Cement Endwalls
2701 of 1270.pdfFlared End Section
2721-6 of 6272.pdfCross Drain Mitered End Section
2731-6 of 6273.pdfSide Drain Mitered End Section
2801-2 of 2280.pdfMiscellaneous Drainage Details
2811-2 of 2281.pdfDitch Pavement And Sodding
2821 of 1282.pdfBack Of Sidewalk Drainage
2831 of 1283.pdfMedian Opening Flume
2841 of 1284.pdfConcrete Shoulder Gutter Spillway
2851-2 of 2285.pdfFrench Drain
2861-2 of 2286.pdfUnderdrain
2871-3 of 3287.pdfConcrete Pavement Subdrainage
2891-7 of 7289.pdfConcrete Box Culvert Details (LRFD) <view Data Table>
2911-5 of 5291.pdfSupplemental Details For Precast Concrete Box Culverts
2921-14 of 14292.pdfStandard Precast Concrete Box Culverts
2931 of 1293.pdfSafety Modifications For Inlets In Box Culverts
2951 of 1295.pdfSafety Modifications For Endwalls
3001 of 1300.pdfCurb & Curb And Gutter
3011 of 1301.pdfTurn Lanes
3021-4 of 4302.pdfTraffic Separators
3031 of 1303.pdfCurb Return Profiles
3041-6 of 6304.pdfPublic Sidewalk Curb Ramps
3051-4 of 4305.pdfConcrete Pavement Joints
3061 of 1306.pdfBridge Approach Expansion Joint - Concrete Pavement
3071-3 of 3307.pdfMiscellaneous Utility Details
3081-2 of 2308.pdfConcrete Slab Replacement
3101-2 of 2310.pdfConcrete Sidewalk
4001-24 of 24400.pdfGuardrail
4021-24 of 24402.pdfGuardrail Transitions And Connections For Existing Bridges<view Design Instructions>
4031-3 of 3403.pdfGuardrail Transitions For Existing Bridge Traffic Railing Retrofits
4101-22 of 22410.pdfConcrete Barrier Wall
4111-10 of 10411.pdfPier Protection Barrier
4121-5 of 5 412.pdfLow Profile Barrier
4141-15 of 15414.pdfType K Temporary Concrete Barrier System
4151-10 of 10415.pdfConcrete Temporary Barrier Wall
4171 of 1417.pdfInertial Crash Cushion
4201-3 of 3420.pdfTraffic Railing - (32" F Shape)
4211-3 of 3421.pdfTraffic Railing - (Median 32" F Shape)
4221-3 of 3422.pdfTraffic Railing - (42" Vertical Shape)
4231-3 of 3423.pdfTraffic Railing - (32" Vertical Shape)
4241-7 of 7424.pdfTraffic Railing - (Corral Shape)
4251-3 of 3425.pdfTraffic Railing - (42" F Shape)
4301-2 of 2430.pdfOptional Crash Cushion Details
4611 of 1461.pdfOpaque Visual Barrier
4701-3 of 3470.pdfTraffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) General Notes & Details<view Design Instructions>
4711-4 of 4471.pdfTraffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Narrow Curb<view Design Instructions>
4721-4 of 4472.pdfTraffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Wide Strong Curb Type 1<view Design Instructions>
4731-4 of 4473.pdfTraffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Wide Strong Curb Type 2<view Design Instructions>
4741-4 of 4474.pdfTraffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Intermediate Curb<view Design Instructions>
4751-4 of 4475.pdfTraffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Wide Curb Type 1<view Design Instructions>
4761-4 of 4476.pdfTraffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Wide Curb Type 2<view Design Instructions>
4801-2 of 2480.pdfTraffic Railing - (Vertical Face Retrofit) General Notes & Details<view Design Instructions>
4811-3 of 3481.pdfTraffic Railing - (Vertical Face Retrofit) Narrow Curb<view Design Instructions>
4821-4 of 4482.pdfTraffic Railing - (Vertical Face Retrofit) Wide Curb<view Design Instructions>
4831-3 of 3483.pdfTraffic Railing - (Vertical Face Retrofit) Intermediate Curb<view Design Instructions>
4901-2 of 2490.pdfSkew Details For Traffic Railings, Parapets and Traffic Separators
5001-2 of 2500.pdfRemoval Of Organic And Plastic Material
5011-9 of 9501.pdfGeosynthetic Reinforced Soils
5051-3 of 3505.pdfEmbankment Utilization
5061 of 1506.pdfMiscellaneous Earthwork Details
5101-2 of 2510.pdfSuperelevation - Rural Highways, Urban Freeways And High Speed Urban Highways
5111-3 of 3511.pdfSuperelevation - Urban Highways And Streets
5141-2 of 2514.pdfOptional Base Group And Structural Numbers
5151-6 of 6515.pdfTurnouts
5161 of 1516.pdfTurnouts - Resurfacing Projects
5181-3 of 3518.pdfRumble Strips
5201 of 1520.pdfGravity Wall
5211 of 1521.pdfConcrete Steps
5251-5 of 5525.pdfRamp Terminals
5261-8 of 8526.pdfRoadway Transitions
5271-3 of 3527.pdfDirectional Median Openings
5301-3 of 3530.pdfRest Area Equipment
5321-3 of 3532.pdfMailboxes
5351 of 1535.pdfTractor Crossings
5401 of 1540.pdfSettlement Plate
5441-3 of 3544.pdfLandscape Installation
5461-6 of 6546.pdfSight Distance At Intersections
5601 of 1560.pdfRailroad Crossings
6001-12 of 12600.pdfGeneral Information For Traffic Control Through Work Zones
6011 of 1601.pdfTwo-Lane, Two-Way, Work Outside Shoulder
6021 of 1602.pdfTwo-Lane, Two-Way, Work On Shoulder
6031-2 of 2603.pdfTwo-Lane, Two-Way, Work Within The Travel Way
6041 of 1604.pdfTwo-Lane, Two-Way, Work In Intersection
6051 of 1605.pdfTwo-Lane, Two-Way, Work Near Intersection
6061-4 of 4606.pdfTwo-Lane, Two-Way, Work Within The  Travel Way - Signal Control
6071 of 1607.pdfTwo-Lane, Two-Way, Mobile Operation, Work on Shoulder, Work Within The Travel Way
6081 of 1608.pdfTwo-Lane, Two-Way, Temporary Diversion Connection
6111 of 1611.pdfMultilane, Work Outside Shoulder
6121 of 1612.pdfMultilane, Work On Shoulder
6131-2 of 2613.pdfMultilane, Work Within the Travel Way - Median Or Outside Lane
6141-2 of 2614.pdfMultilane, Work Within the Travel Way - Center Lane
6151 of 1615.pdfMultilane, Work In Intersection
6161-3 of 3616.pdfMultilane, Work Near Intersection - Median Or Outside Lane
6171 of 1617.pdfMultilane, Work Near Intersection - Center Lane
6181 of 1618.pdfMultilane, Work Near Intersection - Two Lanes Closed - 45 MPH Or Less
6191 of 1619.pdfMultilane, Mobile Operations, Work On Shoulder, Work Within The Travel Way
6201-2 of 2620.pdfMultilane Divided, Temporary Diversion Connection
6211 of 1621.pdfMultilane Undivided, Temporary Diversion Connection
6221 of 1622.pdfMultilane, Work Near Intersection - Temporary Diversion Connection - 35 MPH or Less
6281 of 1628.pdfTwo-Way Left Turn Lane Closure
6301-2 of 2630.pdfCrossover For Paving Train Operations, Rural
6311-2 of 2631.pdfTemporary Crossover
6351 of 1635.pdfWork in Vicinity of Railroad Crossing
6401-2 of 2640.pdfConverting Two-Lanes To Four-Lanes Divided, Rural
6411-3 of 3641.pdfConverting Two-Lanes To Four-Lanes Divided, Urban
6421 of 1642.pdfTransitions For Temporary Concrete Barrier Wall On Freeway Facilities
6501-2 of 2650.pdfTwo-Lane, Two-Way Rural Structure Replacement
6511-2 of 2651.pdfMultilane Divided, Maintenance And Construction
6601 of 1660.pdfPedestrian Control For Closure Of Sidewalks
6651 of 1665.pdfLimited Access, Temporary Opening
6701 of 1670.pdfMotorist Awareness System
7001-2 of 2700.pdfRoadside Offsets
8001-2 of 2800.pdfFence Location
8011-2 of 2801.pdfFence - Type A
8021-2 of 2802.pdfFence - Type B
8031 of 1803.pdfCantilever Slide Gate - Type B Fence
8101-4 of 4810.pdfBridge Fencing (Vertical)
8111-3 of 3811.pdfBridge Fencing (Curved Top)
8121-4 of 4812.pdfBridge Fencing (Enclosed)
8201 of 1820.pdfPedestrian/Bicycle Railing
8211 of 1821.pdfAluminum Pedestrian/Bicycle Bullet Railing For Traffic Railing (32" F Shape)
8221-2 of 2822.pdfAluminum Pedestrian/Bicycle Bullet Railing Details
8501-5 of 5850.pdfSteel Pedestrian/Bicycle Picket Railing
8511-2 of 2851.pdfBridge Pedestrian/Bicycle Picket Railing (Steel)
8601-5 of 5860.pdfAluminum Pedestrian/Bicycle Picket Railing
8611-2 of 2861.pdfBridge Pedestrian/Bicycle Picket Railing (Aluminum)
8701-5 of 5870.pdfAluminum Pipe Guiderail
8801-5 of 5880.pdfSteel Pipe Guiderail
51001-2 of 25100.pdfRetaining Wall - Cast In Place<view Design Instructions>   <view Data Table>
52001 of 15200.pdfPrecast Sound Barriers - General Notes<view Design Instructions>   <view Data Table>
52011 of 15201.pdfPrecast Sound Barriers - Texture Options
52021-4 of 45202.pdfPrecast Sound Barriers - Flush Panel Option
52031-4 of 45203.pdfPrecast Sound Barriers - Recessed Panel Option
52041 of 15204.pdfPrecast Sound Barriers - Fire Hose Access Hole & Drainage Details
52051-7 of 75205.pdfPrecast Sound Barriers - Pile and Post Reinforcing Steel
52061 of 15206.pdfPrecast Sound Barriers - Pile Depth and Reinforcing Summary
52101-5 of 55210.pdfTraffic Railing/Sound Barrier (8'-0")
52111-3 of 35211.pdfTraffic Railing/Sound Barrier (14'-0")
52121-2 of 25212.pdfTraffic Railing/Sound Barrier (8'-0") Junction Slab
52131-2 of 25213.pdfTraffic Railing/Sound Barrier T-Shape Spread Footing
52141-4 of 45214.pdfTraffic Railing/Sound Barrier L-Shaped Spread Footing
52151 of 15215.pdfTraffic Railing/Sound Barrier Trench Footing
53001-19 of 195300.pdfPermanent Retaining Wall Systems<view Data Table>
53011 of 15301.pdfTemporary  Retaining Wall Systems<view Data Table>
112001-3 of 311200.pdfStandard Roadside Sign
113001 of 111300.pdfAluminum & Steel Overhead Sign Structures
113101-5 of 511310.pdfCantilever Sign Structure<view Data Table>
113201-5 of 511320.pdfSpan Sign Structure<view Data Table>
118601-8 of 811860.pdfSingle Column Ground Signs
134171 of 113417.pdfMounting Exit Numbering Panels To Highway Signs
173021 of 117302.pdfTypical Sections For Placement Of Single & Multi-Column Signs
173281 of 117328.pdfTypical Signing For Truck Weigh And Inspection Stations
173441-6 of 617344.pdfSchool Signs & Markings
173451-4 of 417345.pdfInterchange Markings
173461-14 of 1417346.pdfSpecial Marking Areas
173491 of 117349.pdfTraffic Controls For Street Terminations
173501 of 117350.pdfSigning For Motorist Services
173511-2 of 217351.pdfWelcome Center Signing
173521-2 of 217352.pdfTypical Placement Of Reflective Pavement Markers
173551-11 of 1117355.pdfSpecial Sign Details
173561-2 of 217356.pdfSpan Wire Mounted Sign Details
173571 of 117357.pdfBridge Weight Restrictions
173591-2 of 217359.pdfRural Narrow Bridge Treatment
175001-3 of 317500.pdfConventional Lighting
175011 of 117501.pdfHighway Lighting General Notes
175021-7 of 717502.pdfHighmast Lighting
175031 of 117503.pdfRoadway Lighting Details
175041 of 117504.pdfService Point Details
175051-2 of 217505.pdfExternal Lighting For Signs
175151-3 of 317515.pdfStandard Roadway Aluminum Lighting
176001-3 of 317600.pdfMotorist Aid Call Box
177211-2 of 217721.pdfConduit Installation Details
177231-3 of 317723.pdfSteel Strain Pole
177251-2 of 217725.pdfConcrete Poles
177271-2 of 217727.pdfSignal Cable And Span Wire Installation Details
177331 of 117733.pdfAerial Interconnect
177361 of 117736.pdfElectric Power Service
177431-3 of 317743.pdfStandard Mast Arm "D","E" & "F" Assemblies <view Data Table>
177451-5 of 517745.pdfMast Arm Assemblies<view Data Table>
177481 of 117748.pdfFree-Swinging, Internally-Illuminated Street Sign Assemblies
177491 of 117749.pdfDamping Device For Miscellaneous Structures
177641 of 117764.pdfPedestrian Control Signal Installation Details
177811-2 of 217781.pdfVehicle Loop Installation Details
177841-2 of 217784.pdfPedestrian Detector Assembly Installation Details
178411 of 117841.pdfCabinet Installation Details
178701-2 of 217870.pdfStandard Signal Operating Plans
178811 of 117881.pdfAdvance Warning For R/R Crossing
178821-4 of 417882.pdfRailroad Grade Crossing Traffic Control Devices
178901-3 of 317890.pdfTraffic Control Devices For Movable Span Bridge Signals
179001-7 of 717900.pdfTraffic Monitoring Site
181001 of 118100.pdfCCTV Pole Placement
181011 of 118101.pdfTypical CCTV Site
181021-2 of 218102.pdfCCTV Pole Grounding
181041 of 118104.pdfTypical CCTV Cabinet Equipment Layout
181051 of 118105.pdfCCTV Block Diagram
181071 of 118107.pdfGround Mounted CCTV Cabinet
181081 of 118108.pdfPole Mounted CCTV Cabinet
181101-2 of 218110.pdfCamera Mounting Details
181111-2 of 218111.pdfSteel CCTV Pole
181131-2 of 218113.pdfConcrete CCTV Pole
182021 of 118202.pdfFiber Optic Pull Box And Trench Details
182041 of 118204.pdfFiber Optic Splice Box And Pull Box
183001 of 118300.pdfDMS Cabinet And Sign Wiring And Block Diagram
183011 of 118301.pdfDMS Cabinet Layout
183021 of 118302.pdfTypical DMS Mounting Details
183031-2 of 218303.pdfDMS Structure Details
183051-2 of 218305.pdfDMS Grounding Details
201101 of 120110.pdfTypical AASHTO And Bulb-T Beam Details and Notes<view Design Instructions>
201201 of 120120.pdfAASHTO Type II Beam - Standard Details<view Data Table>
201301 of 120130.pdfAASHTO Type III Beam - Standard Details<view Data Table>
201401 of 120140.pdfAASHTO Type IV Beam - Standard Details<view Data Table>
201501 of 120150.pdfAASHTO Type V Beam - Standard Details<view Data Table>
201601 of 120160.pdfAASHTO Type VI Beam - Standard Details<view Data Table>
201721 of 120172.pdfFlorida Bulb-T 72 Beam - Standard Details<view Data Table>
201781 of 120178.pdfFlorida Bulb-T 78 Beam - Standard Details<view Data Table>
201991 of 120199.pdfBuild-up And Deflection Data For AASHTO And Bulb-T Beams<view Data Table>
202101-2 of 220210.pdfTypical Florida U Beam Details and Notes<view Design Instructions>
202481-3 of 320248.pdfFlorida U 48 Beam - Standard Details<view Data Table>
202541-3 of 320254.pdfFlorida U 54 Beam - Standard Details<view Data Table>
202631-3 of 320263.pdfFlorida U 63 Beam - Standard Details<view Data Table>
202721-3 of 320272.pdfFlorida U 72 Beam - Standard Details<view Data Table>
202991 of 120299.pdfBuild-up And Deflection Data For Florida U Beams<view Data Table>
203101 of 120310.pdfTypical Inverted-T Beam Details and Notes
203201 of 120320.pdfInverted-T Beam - Standard Details<view Data Table>
204001 of 120400.pdfNotes and Details For Precast Concrete Sheet Piles<view Data Table>
204101 of 120410.pdfPrecast Concrete Sheet Pile Type "A" - 10 Inch Thick
204121 of 120412.pdfPrecast Concrete Sheet Pile Type "A" - 12 Inch Thick
204301 of 120430.pdfPrecast Concrete Sheet Pile Type "B" - Variable Angle Corner Pile
204401 of 120440.pdfPrecast Concrete Sheet Pile Type "C" - Right Angle Corner Pile
205001 of 120500.pdfComposite Elastomeric Bearing Pads<view Design Instructions>  <view Data Table>
205011 of 120501.pdfBeveled Bearing Plate Details - AASHTO and Bulb-T Beams<view Data Table>
205021 of 120502.pdfBeveled Bearing Plate Details - Florida U-Beams<view Data Table>
206001 of 120600.pdfNotes and Details For Square Prestressed Concrete Piles<view Data Table>
206011 of 120601.pdfSquare Prestressed Concrete Pile Splices
206021 of 120602.pdfEDC Instrumentation for Square Concrete Piles
206121 of 120612.pdf12'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile
206141 of 120614.pdf14'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile
206181 of 120618.pdf18'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile
206201 of 120620.pdf20'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile
206241 of 120624.pdf24'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile
206301 of 120630.pdf30'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile
206311 of 120631.pdfHigh Moment Capacity 30'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile
206541-2 of 220654.pdf54'' Precast/Post-Tension Concrete Cylinder Pile
206601-2 of 220660.pdf60'' Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pile
209001-2 of 220900.pdfApproach Slabs (Flexible Pavement Approaches)<view Data Table>
209101-2 of 220910.pdfApproach Slabs (Rigid Pavement Approaches)<view Data Table>
211001-3 of 321100.pdfStrip Seal Expansion Joint<view Data Table>
211101-2 of 221110.pdfPoured Joint With Backer Rod Expansion Joint System<view Data Table>
212001-2 of 221200.pdfLight Pole Pilaster
212101-2 of 221210.pdfUtility Conduit Details 
212201-2 of 221220.pdfNavigation Light System Details (Fixed Bridges) 
212401-2 of 221240.pdfMaintenance Lighting For Box Girders
213001-2 of 221300.pdfStandard Bar Bending Details 
216001-7 of 721600.pdfTemporary Detour Bridge General Notes And Details
216101-3 of 321610.pdfTemporary Detour Bridge Details Timber Pile Foundations
216201-2 of 221620.pdfTemporary Detour Bridge Details Steel H Pile Foundations
216301-3 of 321630.pdfTemporary Detour Bridge Details Steel Pipe Pile Foundations
218011-2 of 221801.pdfPost-Tensioning Vertical Profiles<view Design Instructions>
218021 of 121802.pdfPost-Tensioning Anchorage Protection<view Design Instructions>
218031-3 of 321803.pdfPost-Tensioning Anchorage And Grouting Details<view Design Instructions>
219001-2 of 221900.pdfFender System General Notes And Layout
219101-5 of 521910.pdfFender System-Heavy Duty <view Data Table>
219201-5 of 521920.pdfFender System-Medium Duty <view Data Table>
219301-5 of 521930.pdfFender System-Light Duty <view Data Table>