Staff Directory


VacantState Roadway Design Engineer
(850) 414-4330
Shawn TrotmanOffice Administrative duties: Travel, Budget, Phones, Personnel, Surplus, Inventory, Invoices(850) 414-4158

Roadway Criteria (Link to website)

VacantDesign Criteria Administrator(850) 414-****
David Amato, P.E.Innovative Intersections(850) 414-4792
DeWayne Carver, AICPFDOT Design Manual (FDM) Manager Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) Manager(850) 414-4348
Jacqueline MorrisFDOT Design Manual (FDM) Specialist Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) Specialist Florida Greenbook(850) 414-4352
Darrell LewisFDOT Design Manual (FDM) Specialist Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) Specialist(850) 414-4374
Benjamin Gerrell, P.E.Special Projects(850) 414-4318
Tiffany GehrkeState Complete Streets Program Manager(850) 414-4283

Standard Plans (Link to website)

Derwood Sheppard, P.E.Roadway Standard Plans Administrator(850) 414-4334
Rick Jenkins, P.E.Standard Plans Publication Engineer(850) 414-4355
Darren MartinStandard Plans Publication, CADD Support, and Web Support(850) 414-4824
VacantStandard Plans Engineer - Special Projects(850) 414-****
James McGinnis, P.E.Temporary Traffic Control - Maintenance of Traffic(850) 414-4952
Richard Stepp, P.E.Lighting, Fencing, and Roadside Barriers(850) 414-4313

Drainage (Link to website)

Jennifer Green, P.E.State Drainage Engineer(850) 414-4351
Blair Burleson, P.E.Drainage Design(850) 414-4171
Tim Holley, P.E.Drainage Design(850) 414-4117
VacantDrainage Design(850) 414-****

Pavement Design (Link to website)

Mary Jane Hayden, P.E.State Pavement Design Engineer(850) 414-4783

Quality Assurance (Link to website)

VacantQuality Assurance Administrator(850) 414-****
James FrimmelDesign Exceptions, Community Aesthetic Features and Submittal Tracking(850) 414-4317
Sean Masters, P.E.Special Projects, Design Exceptions, Quality Assurance Reviews, Engineering Research(850) 414-4359
Bobby Bull, P.E.State Value Engineer, RISK, Cost Saving Initiative(850) 414-4348