ConnectPed displays pedestrian and bicycle related data geographically on a map. Having these data all in one place facilitates data driven decision making and sharing information with FDOT’s partners. For marketing purposes use this URL: www.fdot.gov/connectped

Get Started

Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience.
Access ConnectPed here or through the link below:

Click the 'layer list' icon to see the data available. Picture of layer list icon.
If a layer is grayed out, zoom in to the map until it becomes available.

Go Deeper

To find out more information about the layers, access the metadata. Click the eclipse next to the data. Picture of eclipse icon.
Then select Description or Show Item Details
For metadata that is not accessible from the items description please click on the info widget Picture of info widget icon.
Download GIS Layer
For more sophisticated analysis, users who know how to do so may download the layer's shapefile for use in ArcMap or a similar GIS product here or through the link below:
Enter Guest as Username and do not put in a Password.

Add GIS Layer
Create a zip folder of all the files in the GIS layer except Type: XML Document. Click on the add data icon in ConnectPed  AddDataIconand navigate to your zip folder.

Get Help

Contact FDOT's Service Desk by phone number, 1-866-955-4357, or email, fdot.servicedesk@dot.state.fl.us.

Make ConnectPed Better

Go here to suggest a way ConnectPed could better serve you.