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   August 2014  
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2015 Design Standards Updates
Discussions: Roadway

Revisions, instruction for design standards, bulletins, index updates

Index 600, 11871, 400, 11861, 11862, 17346, 17347, 17515

Deleted Indexes -199, 21900


PDF YouTube 
Alan Hart

Gevin McDaniel

Chester Henson


Discussions: Structures

Data Table (Cell) Changes

Developmental Design Standards

New Index 5250 Perimeter Walls

New Index 21252 Access Doors for Steel Box Girders

Significant Revisions - Index 200, 206, 253, 289, 5200, 5210, 6110. D6011, 6020, 6025, 20010, 20120, 20510, 20511, 20512, 20900, 20910, 21930, 21250, 21251

PDF Steven Nolan
   February 2014  
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Day 1
Shoulders, Roadside Slopes, Right of Way and Vertical Clearance PDF YouTube
Benjamin Gerrell

Matt Jacobs

Andre Pavlov

Length of Overhead Structures, Lighting of Street Name Signs, Lighting Justification, Interchange and LED Lighting PDF YouTube
Chester Henson
Yellow and All Red Clearance Intervals PDF YouTube
Raj Ponnaluri
Project Management (Scope of Services, Staff Hours) PDF YouTube
Robert Quigley

MaryJane Hayden

Summary of Quantities, Pay Items, Digital Delivery and 3D Design PDF YouTube
Jimmie Prow

Denise Broom

Day 2
Drainage Manual and Hydroplaning PDF YouTube
Rick Renna

Rick Jenkins

Catherine Breland

Structures Standards and Perimeter Walls PDF YouTube
Gevin McDaniel
Pavement Type Selection Report PDF YouTube
Emmanuel Uwaibi
Proprietary Products Procedure PDF YouTube
Karen Byram
Plans Processing and Electronic Review Comments (ERC) and Plan Notes PDF YouTube
Sean Masters
Quality Levels for Subsurface Utilities PDF YouTube
John Hazlip
Design Standards Website and Industry Review Process PDF YouTube
Darren Martin


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