Property Management - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out about properties available for sale or lease?
The list of properties that may be available for purchase or lease is available on our web site. If the property is not listed, contact the District Office which is responsible for the County in which the property is located. District staff will determine whether the property is surplus to the Department's transportation needs.

How do I find out about non-real estate items (mobile homes, buildings, ceiling fans, garage door openers, etc.) that FDOT is disposing of?
Contact the District Office in the area of the State in which you are interested. District staff will provide necessary information to you. Items having a value of less than $10,000 may be sold through negotiations; items having a value above $10,000 will be sold through a competitive bidding process.

Who should I contact to inform or inquire about what appears to be an illegal use of state owned right of way?
Contact the District Property Management Administrator for the District in which the illegal use is located. District staff will direct your inquiry to the appropriate individual, depending upon the type of use being inquired about.