The Office of Right of Way uses real estate appraisals to help determine what the Department will offer land owners when their property is needed to be purchased as part of a transportation project. A qualified appraiser performs an appraisal estimating the market value of the property to be purchased which is then reviewed for accuracy and clarity.

Appraisals prepared for the Department must conform to the national Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the Florida Supplement Standards to USPAP. Once an appraisal report has gone through the review process and is accepted by the Department, the reviewer of the appraisal report will recommend what compensation should be paid for the purchase. Only Florida Department of Transportation employees may establish recommended compensation.

District appraisal personnel also estimate the cost associated with purchasing properties for proposed transportation projects and prepare written cost estimates. The function of the cost estimates is to aid the decision-making process to insure the cost-effective design of projects, forecast budgetary needs, and aid in cash-flow management.

General questions about the appraisal program may be directed to Lura Wiley at, (850) 414-4563.