Research Performance


The Research Performance division assists research teams during the beginning and ending phases of research projects and tracks the implementation status of developed technologies.

The division assists project managers to develop deployment plans that identify how the project manager expects to measure the performance of the developed technology, and to implement and market the technology.

The goal of the deployment plan is to ensure thoughtful planning on how the outcome of the project will improve processes and procedures, save money, reduce environmental impact, improve safety, etc.

Kick-off Meetings

The division conducts a kick-off meeting for each new research project within 30 days of the project start date. Attendees include the project manager, the principal investigator, and a representative of the FDOT Research Center. Additional attendees could be members of the project advisory committee, the implementation committee, or others at the discretion of the project manager. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the scope and direction of the project, review administrative details of the project, discuss tasks, and clarify points of procedure.

All kickoff meetings shall include a presentation and must conform to the following requirements: Kickoff Meeting Presentation Requirements [111KB]

Close-out Meetings

The division conducts a closeout meeting with the project manager and principal investigator during the final 30 days of the research contract. The purpose of the closeout meeting is to provide a forum for feedback on all aspects of the just-completed project. The Research Center welcomes feedback from the research team to ensure that the research process runs smoothly and efficiently. The closeout meeting also is an opportunity to identify unforeseen obstacles that occurred during the research project and to identify how the research team anticipates implementing or marketing the new technology, procedure, or process.

All closeout meetings shall include a presentation and must conform to the following requirements: Closeout Meeting Presentation Requirements [21KB]

Demonstration Projects

After a research project contract ends but prior to deployment, project managers may choose to contract with the Research Center to field test a newly developed technology. Project managers may apply for demonstration project funding by submitting a Demonstration Project Application [Excel  - 10.38 KB] to the Research Center. The application must describe the goal of the demonstration project and the anticipated economic benefits of the project.

Implementation Reporting
The Research Center tracks the implementation status of completed projects to determine their impact and value to FDOT. This information is used to quantify the benefits of FDOT-funded research and to select high-value research technologies to submit annually to AASHTO.


For more information about the Research Performance division, please contact Jason Tuck at 850-414-4613 .