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The state of Florida is celebrating its first annual statewide Mobility Week from October 27 through November 3, 2018.

Mobility Week, successfully launched in 2016 in Central Florida, is an annual collection of outreach events intended to bring attention to safe multimodal transportation choices. The success of the Central Florida region in bringing together regional partners to promote the message of safety and multimodal transportation, prompted the expansion of the initiative statewide this year.

During Mobility Week, cities, counties, and transportation partner agencies host events to promote transportation choices, highlight transportation achievements, and roll out new initiatives or policies. Click here to find out more about the events and activities from the last two years in Central Florida. 

Mix-it-Up–A New Way to Get Around


As Florida residents, Mobility Week is our opportunity to explore various transportation choices available to us.

Why not Mix-It-Up?

During Mobility Week, why not try a new mode of transportation for your commute, shopping and recreation? You might discover that you enjoy the extra exercise, meeting new people and saving money on fuel while you avoid sitting behind the wheel.

Ride the bus or train to work. Walk or bike with your kids to the park. Form a bicycle or walking group to take your kids to school. Carpool or vanpool to the office with your coworkers. Mix-It-Up!

Keep reading to find out more and how to get involved.

Are you interested in becoming a participating agency?

All agencies are invited to participate in Mobility Week. To take part, each participating agency must meet one of the two criteria:


Organize an event during Mobility Week.

Events can take any form and can range from training, to regularly hosted community celebrations, workshops and more. Events must be related to promoting safe, multimodal transportation choices.


Take a mobility action during Mobility Week and beyond.

These can include initiatives that promote safety and multimodal transportation and can be undertaken during Mobility Week and beyond. Examples include testing pilot projects, adopting local government policies that encourage a switch from driving alone to other transportation modes, etc.

To register your agency, email us at

Are you interested in becoming a participating employer?


Organize a workplace event during Mobility Week.

Events can range from travel safety training, group bicycle rides and educational workshops to hosting employee competitions to encourage new ways to commute.


Implement commute friendly measures.

Think outside the box for new ways to commute to work and encourage employees to try new modes of travel. Contact your local commuter assistance program to organize an informational session on commuting options that might be of interest to your employees.

Are you a Florida resident?


Get involved.

Attend events hosted by local agencies that are in your location or topic of interest. Spread the word to your neighbors, coworkers and friends.


Try a new travel mode.

Make a commitment to yourself to try a new way to travel around town during Mobility Week.

Want ideas?

Go to our Previous Years Page to see what others have done during Mobility Week.