Utility Master Agreements prior to 1997

Reimb. Private Property
At Utility Expense
American Television & Communications, Inc.  Cablevision of Central Florida 4/16/86
Central Florida Electric Corporation, Inc.10/19/7910/19/79
Central Telephone Company of Florida merge with United Telephone Company of Florida (1/1/97) Sprint/Florida7/11/797/11/79
Choctawhatchee Electric Corp., Inc.5/15/795/15/79
Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc.1/22/801/22/80
Escambia River Electric Cooperative, Inc.9/13/799/13/79
Florida Power Corporation4/20/794/20/79
Florida Public Utilities Company4/11/794/11/79
Florida Telephone Corporation7/11/797/11/79
General Telephone Company of Florida7/13/797/13/79
Group “W” Cable TV9/27/839/27/83
Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative, Inc.4/11/794/11/79
Gulf Power Company 3/1/93
Halifax Cable TV, Inc.6/20/856/20/85
Jacksonville Electric Authority12/18/7912/18/79
Lee County Electric Cooperative, Inc.5/25/795/25/79
Orlando Utilities Commission (E)4/28/834/28/83
Southern Bell Telephone8/31/838/31/83
St. Joseph Telephone and Telegraph Company4/14/804/14/80
Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc.10/4/7910/4/79
Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.5/31/795/31/79
Talquin Electric Cooperative, Inc.6/26/796/26/79
Tampa Electric Company8/12/868/12/86
Tri-County Electric Cooperative, Incorporated9/13/799/13/79
West Florida Electric Cooperative Association, Inc.7/13/797/13/79
Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative, Inc.7/11/797/11/79