Certificates of Incumbency and Authority prior to 1997

Name Certificate of Incumbency
Action CATV4/14/81
Advanced Telecommunications Corp.5/2/91
Alabama Electric Cooperative, Inc.4/12/96
Alltel Florida, Inc.12/14/94
American Cyanamid Company10/1/65
American Television & Communications Corporation (ATC) d/b/a Cablevision of Central Florida2/11/91
American Television & Communications Corporations2/11/91
Apalachee Cable TV, Inc.9/25/68
AT&T Corp.11/11/96
ATC Holdings II, Inc.4/17/96
Beach Cable, Inc.9/27/93
Cablevision Industries Corporation4/17/96
Central Telephone of Florida10/8/96
Charlotte County Board of Commissioners3/11/91
Chesapeake Utilities Corp. d/b/a Central Fla Gas2/27/92
City Gas Co of Fla12/14/90
City of Auburndale11/13/95
City of Bradenton Public Works9/29/93
City of Clearwater2/3/95
City of Crescent City4/29/91
City of Ft. Myers10/21/96
City of LaBelle3/5/92
City of Lakeland12/3/96
City of Lake Worth3/26/96
City of Palatka2/9/95
City of Palmetto5/31/91
City of Tarpon Springs12/7/94
City of Wauchula7/20/92
City of Zolfo Springs4/18/94
Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc.1/24/95
Clearview of Florida, Inc.6/18/68
Colony Cablevision of Florida, a Division of Providence Journal Company1/6/93
Comcast Cablevision of West Palm Beach, Inc.7/8/93
Community Antenna Television Systems11/7/77
Community Utilities Corporation6/6/77
Continental Cablevision of Jacksonville, Inc.11/9/90
Cox Cable Ocala, Inc.12/27/90
Dames & Moore, Inc5/25/94
DeFuniak Springs Cablevision Company2/1/69
Digicon Geophysical Corp.3/10/80
Dynamic Cablevision of Florida, Inc.1/16/81
Englewood Water District1/10/94
Farm Stores, Inc.12/6/84
Florida Antennavision, Inc.3/4/69
Florida Cities Water Company2/7/92
Florida Gas Transmission Company1/24/95
Florida Power Corporation9/21/93
Florida Power & Light Co.6/4/96
Florida Public Utilities6/29/91
Florida Satellite Network, LTD.5/29/96
Florida Telephone Corp.9/4/64
Friendship Cable of Florida, Inc.12/6/91
General Waterworks – Central Florida District of Winter Park, Florida6/6/77
General Waterworks – South Florida District6/6/77
General Waterworks – Southern Utilities Company6/6/77
GeoSolutions, Inc.2/26/93
Geraghty & Miller, Inc.9/11/90
Glades Electric Cooperative, Inc.3/8/93
Groundwater Technology, Inc. (GTI)7/9/93
(Group W Cable)Teleprompter Southeast, Inc. merged into parent corporation – Teleprompter Corporation which merged into  parent corporation – Group W Cable, Inc.6/1/82
GTE Florida Incorporated11/7/96
GTE Media Ventures, Incorporated11/12/96
Gulf Power Company4/30/96
Gulf Telephone Company7/11/83
Halifax Cable TV, Inc.4/30/93
Halifax Cable TV4/12/79
Hernando County Utilities Department4/15/96
Hillsborough County12/19/95
Hollywood Cablevision is a joint venture between Storer Cable TV of Florida, Inc. and Hollywood Cable TV, Inc.10/2/78
Houston Texas Gas and Oil Corporation11/13/58
Inter-County Telephone and Telegraph Co.11/18/66
Intermedia Telecommunications of Florida, Inc.3/30/94
International Technology Corporation4/9/96
Jacksonville Electric Authority12/21/94
Jacksonville Suburban Utilities Corp.6/6/77
Jones Intercable, Inc.7/8/91
Lake Apopka Natural Gas1/10/91
Lake County Cablevision, Inc12/12/90
LDDS Communications, Inc.1/30/95
Lee County Electric Cooperative, Inc.5/13/91
Leesburg Cablevision, Inc.2/19/82
Manatee Cablevision Corporation10/20/70
Micro-Cable Communications Corp.5/20/92
Microtel, Inc.10/26/83
Mid-Florida Utilities, Inc.6/6/77
MFS Network Technologies7/26/74
North Ft. Myers Utility Inc.11/15/93
Okeechobee Utility Authority3/13/96
Okefenoke Rural EMC12/20/94
Orlando Utilities Commission12/21/90
Palmer Communications Incorporated3/18/92
Paco Consulting & Engineering, Inc.8/20/92
Paragon Communications6/17/94
Pasco County Board of County Commissioners1/4/94
Peoples Cable, Inc.4/22/92
Peoples Gas Systems/TECO1/16/98
Quincy Telephone Company?
Rifkin Cable Income Partners , L. P.10/30/91
Sarasota Central Antenna Network, Inc.6/14/66
Scripps-Howard Cable Services, Inc.3/9/82
Siesta Key Utilities Authority, Inc.9/16/94
Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Company11/12/90
Southern States Utilities (SSU)7/25/94
Southland Communications, Inc.11/7/77
South Seminole & North Orange City Wastewater Transmission Authority12/20/90
SPRINT-United Telephone of Florida1/11/94
St. Joseph Telephone & Telegraph Company12/1/88
Storer Cable TV of Florida, Inc.10/2/782/7/80
Storer Cable Communications of West Florida, Inc.9/30/93
Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc.2/11/97
Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.7/25/95
Talquin Electric Cooperative, Inc.?
Tampa Electric Company11/3/92
TCI Cablevision of Pinellas, Inc9/28/93
TCID of Florida, Inc and Atlantic Cablevision of Florida, Inc. partners of TCI Cablevision of Pasco County9/28/93
Teleprompter of Florida, Inc.8/29/74
Teleprompter Gulf Coast CATV Corporation8/29/74
Telesat Cablevision, Inc.1/2/91
Time Warner Cable Division of Time Warner Entertainment Company L. P. TWE-A/N4/18/96
TCI of Northern New Jersey, Inc.1/31/94
Tri-County Electric Cooperative1/9/95
UA-Columbia-Cablevision, Inc.2/5/82
UltraCom of Dade County, Inc.9/3/81
Underground Services, Inc.4/3/91
Sprint-Florida, Inc.12/31/96
US-Sprint-Communications Company7/15/86
Venice Central Antenna Network, Inc.10/26/66
Warner Cable Comm, Inc.5/28/91
West Charlotte Utilities, Inc.12/18/92
West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority12/11/96
Western Union Telegraph Company8/11/64
Winter Park Telephone Company7/24/64 9/7/65