History of Proposed Revisions

July 2019 Workbook

The following information is updated as it becomes available.

Note: These files are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. File size ranges from 10 kb to 896 kb.



Comments: Comments received from individuals during Industry Review.

Response: Originator's response to these comments.

FHWA: The Final Draft of the proposed revision as transmitted to FHWA for approval.

Implemented: The Final Version ready for implementation on the letting date indicated on the document.

File Comments Response To FHWA Implemented
0010300 Comments Response FHWA Implemented
0040309  Comments Response FHWA Implemented
0050104  Comments Response   FHWA Implemented 
0050104-1  Comments Response FHWA  Implemented
SP0070104-9 Comments  Response  FHWA Implemented
SP0070104-10 Comments  Response FHWA   Implemented
SP0070104-11 Comments Response FHWA Implemented
 0071500  Comments Response   FHWA  Implemented
 0072300 No Comments No Response  FHWA  Implemented
0080302  Comments  Responses FHWA   Implemented
 0080302DB Comments   Responses FHWA   
SP0080302A  No Comments  No Responses  FHWA  Implemented
SP1010000  No Comments  No Response  FHWA  Implemented
1020400  Comments Response   FHWA  Implemented
1020601  Comments  Response FHWA  Implemented
1020901 Comments   Response FHWA   Implemented
1020901-2  No Comments  No Response FHWA  Implemented
1040000 Comments Response  FHWA  Implemented
1050404-MM8.3  No Comment   No Responses   FHWA   Implemented
1050404-MM92  No Comment  No Responses  FHWA  Implemented
1050806 Comments   Response FHWA   Implemented
1080201 Comments Response FHWA Implemented
1250801 Comments  Response FHWA   Implemented
1620000  Comments Response   FHWA  Implemented
2850300 Comments Response FHWA  Implemented
2860000 Comments Response FHWA Implemented
2870801  No Comments  No Response  FHWA  Implemented
3200603 Comments Response FHWA Implemented
3270301  No Comments  No Response FHWA  Implemented
3340802  Comments  Response FHWA 
3370303  Comments  Response FHWA   Implemented
3380505 Comments  Response FHWA Implemented
3470000  Comments  Response FHWA   Implemented
4002306 No Comments No Response FHWA  Implemented
4300408  Comments  Response FHWA  Implemented
4501203  No Comments  No Response  FHWA  Implemented
4550503  No Comments  No Response FHWA  Implemented
4550503DB  No Comments  No Response  FHWA  
4620000  Comments Response   FHWA  Implemented
4710501  Comments  Response  FHWA  Implemented
 FHWA Implemented 
5220000 Comments Response FHWA  Implemented
5220900  Comments Response   FHWA  Implemented
5230100  No Comments  No Response FHWA  Implemented
5270301  Comments Response   FHWA  Implemented
5360507 No Comments No Responses FHWA  Implemented
5440400  Comments Response   FHWA  Implemented
5480206  Comments  Response FHWA   Implemented
5600000  Comments Response   FHWA  Implemented
 No Comments  No Response  FHWA  Implemented
5700100  Comments Response  FHWA  Implemented
 SP5800000  Comments Response   FHWA  Implemented
SP5800000FA  No Comments  No Response FHWA
SP5810000 Comments Response  FHWA  Implemented
6710000  No Comments  No Response  FHWA Implemented 
7000202  Comments Response   FHWA  Implemented
7000302  No Comments  No Response  FHWA Implemented 
7010401 No Comments No Response FHWA Implemented
7060000 Comments Response FHWA Implemented
7110402 Comments  Response FHWA Implemented
7151300  No Comments  No Response  FHWA  Implemented
9160203  No Comments No Response  FHWA  Implemented
9210000 Comments  Response FHWA  Implemented
9240000  Comments  Response FHWA   Implemented
9320203 Comments Response FHWA Implemented
9380000  Comments  Response  FHWA  Implemented
9600202 Comments Response  FHWA   Implemented
9700000 Comments Response FHWA Implemented
9710202  Comments  Response    Implemented
9750000  No Comments No Responses  FHWA Implemented
9810303  Comments  Withdrawn    
9920102 Comments Response FHWA Implemented