Maintenance Specifications Review History
July - December 2017



Description Comments
and Responses
SP0050107 Control of the Work - Work Documents Comments & Responses  SP0050107 
SP0080703M Prosecution and Progress - Contract Time and Term Extensions On Hold  
SP1020912 and SP9900301 Maintenance of Traffic - Remotely Programmable Portable Changeable Message Signs No Comments SP1020912
SP1100200 Clearing and Grubbing Comments & Responses  SP1100200 
SS4270000 Sealing of Drainage Structures Comments & Responses SP4270000 
SS5770000 Reworking Shoulders Comments & Responses  SS5770000 
SS5800000 Landscaping (Stand Alone) Comments & Responses SS5800000SA 
SS5800000PB Landscaping (Push Button)