Maintenance Specifications Review History
July - December 2016



and Responses
SP0010300 (Redline)Definitions and TermsAdministrative ChangesSP0010300
SP0020100 (Redline)Proposal Requirements and Conditions - Contractor ExperienceAdministrative ChangesSP0020100
SP0030202 (Redline)Award and Execution of Contract - Award of ContractAdministrative ChangesSP0030202
SP0030501IDR (Redline)Award and Execution of Contract - Bonds for Improvement, Demolition or Removal Contracts of $25,000 or lessAdministrative ChangesSP0030501IDR
SP0030501MY (Redline)Award and Execution of Contract - Bond Requirements for Multi-Year ContractsAdministrative ChangesSP0030501MY
SP0040100MLS (Redline)Scope of the Work (Lump Sum)Administrative ChangesSP0040100MLS
SP0040100M (Redline)Scope of the WorkAdministrative ChangesSP0040100M
SP0090201M (Redline)Measurement and PaymentAdministrative ChangesSP0090201M
SP1020301 (Redline)Maintenance of TrafficAdministrative ChangesSP1020301
SP9711100HS (Redline)Scope of the WorkAdministrative ChangesSP9711100HS