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Rural Roadway Assistance Application for (SCOP, SCRAP, SCOP Municipalities) 

Sample Estimate
Agreements and Exhibits
525-010-60a State Funded Grant Agreement - Master Boilerplate Word Form
525-010-60b Supplemental State-Funded Grant Agreement Word Form
525-010-60c State Funded Grant Agreement -- CIGP (Municipality Letting)  Word Form
525-010-60eA Exhibit "A" - Project Description and Responsibilities Word Form
525-010-60eB Exhibit “B” - Schedule Of Financial Assistance Word Form
525-010-60eC Exhibit “C” - Engineer’s Certification Of Compliance Word Form
525-010-60eD Exhibit “D” - State Financial Assistance (Florida Single Audit Act) Word Form
525-010-60eE Exhibit “E” - Recipient Resolution Word Form
525-010-60eF Exhibit “F” - Terms And Conditions Of Construction In Department Right Of Way Word Form
525-010-60eG Exhibit “G” - Alternative Advance Payment Financial Provisions Word Form
525-010-60f Attachment F - Contract Payment Requirements Florida Department of Financial Services, Reference Guide for State Expenditures Word Form
525-010-54 Local Programs Project Monitoring Status Report Word Form
525-010-53 Local Programs Invoicing Template Excel