Adding Official Contacts for Professional Services Prequalified Firms

The prequalification system has two types of contacts for all companies: one primary prequalification contact and an unlimited number of advertisement contacts

There can only be a single Primary prequalification contact. This is the person to whom the official prequalification letter is addressed, as identified in section 2H of the Request for Qualification Package for Professional Services Consultants (375-030-01).

There can be multiple advertisement contacts. Both the primary prequalification contact and advertisement contacts receive several emails related to prequalification, grades, advertisements, and other miscellaneous emails.  There is no way to delineate which emails these individuals receive – both types will receive all emails. 

Due to the potential access to confidential rate information in prequalification letters, additions or replacements of Advertisement contacts or Primary Prequalification contacts must be requested by one of the firm’s current official contacts. If you do not know who your company’s official prequalification contacts are, please contact the Prequalification Administrator to have them identified (In the subject line please add “Request for my firm's prequalification contacts”).

Once that information is provided, one of the official contacts can submit an E-Mail request to add or replace a contact. To do so, the following information is required:

  • The name of your company
  • The new contact’s name
  • The new contact’s title
  • The new contact’s phone number
  • The new contact’s email address
  • Is this contact replacing a previous Primary prequalification contact or are they being added as an Advertisement contact?