Audit Accounting Information

Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, Section 702 (Compensation Cap, also addressed in the current FAR 31.205-6)
AASHTO Audit Guidelines
Contract Cost Certification Effective Starting Fiscal Year End 12/31/2012
Reimbursement Rate Guidelines (Contact: Jeffery Owens, Phone Number (850) 414-4539)
Important Change to Reimbursement for Field Office Utility Costs
April 16, 2019 - The Florida Department of Transportation Reimbursement Rate Audit Guidelines has been updated to address a change in the definition of utility costs for projects using the field office.  As stated in this Guide, all field office rent and utility cost should be removed from the Direct Expense Rate calculation.  Please see Part IV, C.6.a.  This change will impact all audited Field Office Direct Expense Rates for years after 2018.
Important Change to Reimbursement for Permit Costs
Important Change to Audit Guidelines for Consultants with Field Office Expense Rate
Requirement for Firms with both Audited Rates and Fee Schedule Rates
Overtime Premium Policy
Self-Certification of Accounting System and Reimbursement Rates Form (Form 375-030-51)
Simplified Self-Certification for Non-Professional Services Firms (Form 375-030-92)
Job Cost Accounting System Review Checklist
Job Cost Accounting System Primer
Job Cost Accounting System: What Consultants Need to Know
Job Cost Accounting Systems: Internal Control Questionnaire
For More Information:
Please refer any questions to the Rate Review Auditors: Jeffery Owens or Jon Cook
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