TransPlex (Transportation Planning Exchange) is Florida's premier event for collaborating with transportation planners, engineers, and policy makers throughout the state to Plan, Connect, and Innovate our way into Florida's future.   TransPlex brings cutting edge content through a variety of in-person and virtual conferences, as well as our new Web Series.   

October 2021 Safety Web Series

The October 2021 Safety Web Series focused on the five elements of the Safe System Approach to eliminating fatalities and serious injuries on our roadways: Safe Vehicles, Safe Road Users, Safe Roads, Safe Speeds, and Post-crash Care.  A group of dynamic policy and industry professionals shared their expertise for a comprehensive planning and design approach that creates a safe transportation system for all users.  

To view the recorded webinars, click on the title of the session below.  Speaker bios available here.

Opening Session and Safe Vehicles
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FDOT District 7 Secretary David Gwynn shared his perspective on safety, and how Safety plays a lead role in the Department’s Vital Few. To set up the five-webinar series, Mark Doctor, FHWA shared an overview of the Safe System approach and what this means for planning, engineering, and policies in Florida.

In the United States, motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of injury and death killing over 100 people every day. Safe Vehicles is recognized by the Safe System Approach to transportation safety as one of the five elements to a comprehensive approach to transportation safety. The Safe Vehicle panelists shared traditional and emerging automotive strategies and technologies aim to deliver greater safety benefits to help prevent these injuries and deaths. Panelists also discussed the future of safety for fully automated cars and trucks, both inside and out.

Safe Road Users
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The Safe System Approach to transportation safety recognizes Safe Road Users as one of the five elements to a comprehensive approach to transportation safety.   This approach emphasizes the importance of designing a transportation system that considers the safety of all road users. Traditionally, educating road users and enforcing safe behaviors has been the approach taken to improve safety.  However, emerging data shows us we must look beyond this traditional approach and question how transportation equity and safety intersect.  A diverse group of panelists shared how equity impacts safety and what we as transportation professionals can do to ensure equitable safety for all road users.

Safe Roads
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The Safe System approach emphasizes the importance of designing roadways that help to mitigate the mistakes drivers will inevitably make. Traditional engineering and design solutions have gone a long way to deliver safe roads but emerging trends shows us we must look beyond this traditional approach and continue to innovate the way we design and build our roads.  This session focused on how the alignment of safety and policy planning is leading to new and innovative roadway design.

Safe Speeds
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Panelists discuss “Safe Speeds,” one of the five main strategies of the Federal Highway Administration’s Safe System Approach. The Safe Speeds strategy focuses on aspects that encourage context-appropriate travel speeds including roadway design improvements, speed limits, education and enforcement, and technology-based enforcement.  Panelists shared new guidance and polices, cutting-edge research projects, and real-world examples illustrating Florida is working to improve driver safety and behavior in all contexts.

Post-Crash Care
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The Safe System Approach uses a comprehensive approach to add multiple layers of protection for road users. However, the Safe System Approach also recognizes that if a crash occurs, post-crash care is a critical piece to reducing death and serious injury.  Post-crash response requires a collaborative effort on behalf of our trained law enforcement and emergency response professionals.  This session provided a unique opportunity to hear from law enforcement and emergency medical professionals as they shared experiences working emergency response.  Panelists also shared best practices in planning and designing a transportation system that supports the fastest response to essential post-crash care.

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