Manager and Office Administration


 Area of Responsibility


Picture of Chris Edmonston Chris Edmonston
 Office Manager  850-414-4813
Picture of Anita Thomas Anita Thomas  Operations Analyst II  850-414-4934

 Strategic Intermodal Systems (SIS)

Picture of Gerald Goosby Gerald Goosby  SIS Planning Manager  850-414-4287
Picture of Jennifer King Jennifer King  Sr. Transportation Planner & SIS Contract Manager  850-414-4906
Picture of Paul Fang Paul Fang  Transportation Planner -
 SIS Planning GIS Database & Mapping
Picture of Kent Cain Kent Cain  Transportation Planner -
 SIS Planning GIS Database & Mapping
Picture of Dean Rogers
Dean Rogers  Transportation Planner -
 Statewide SIS Coordinator
Stock Icon Luke Tabbert   Transportation Planner - 
 SIS Planning and SUN Trail GIS Database & Mapping 

 Systems Management

Picture of Jenna Bowman Jenna Bowman  Systems Management Manager  850-414-4909
Picture of Andrea Hodge Andrea Hodge  Sr. Transportation Planner  850-414-4775
Picture of Gina Bonyani Gina Bonyani  Sr. Transportation Planner  850-414-4707
stock image Amy Causseaux  Transportation Planner -
 Statewide Interchange Review Coordinator
 Picture of Nia Clark  Nia Clark  Transportation Planner - 
 Statewide Level of Service Coordinator, ETDM Coordinator,
 Transportation Alternatives Program, Roadway Designation, Contracts

 Shared Use Non-motorized (SUN) Trail

Picture of Robin Birdsong Robin Birdsong  SUN Trail Manager  850-414-4922