The Florida Transportation Plan

About the FTP

The Florida Transportation Plan (FTP) is Florida’s overarching statewide plan guiding our transportation future. FDOT recently began the process of updating the FTP. The 2055 FTP will contain statewide goals and regional objectives, empowering our communities to develop unique local strategies that align with the FTP.

Why Update the Florida Transportation Plan?

Florida is a dynamic state, continuously growing and evolving. To ensure our transportation system remains efficient, safe, and sustainable, the FTP is periodically updated to reflect these changes.

Connecting Communities, Policies, and Programs

The FTP is more than just a plan; it's a regional approach that aims to connect communities, policies, and programs across the state. Each Floridian has various opportunities to get involved in the development of the 2055 FTP, and we encourage your participation to ensure the plan will reflect community visioning and goals.

Stay Tuned for Updates!

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we build Florida’s transportation future together. Join a Focus Group, participate in a regional workshop, and make your voice heard at