Office of Chief Planner

The Chief Planner oversees FDOT’s Central Office Planning Team which consists of staff in Policy Planning, Systems Implementation, Forecasting & Trends, and Performance Coordination.

Planning Team Vision: To provide transportation planning that makes Florida the best place to live, work and play.
Planning Team Mission: To provide the foundation for programming and project delivery through innovative planning and effective outreach that will strategically advance the best transportation solutions at the right time.
Planning Team Values: We model the Values of FDOT and constantly strive to be:

  • Consistent in processes and approaches to provide clear direction and reliable service
  • Collaborative in working with all customers and partners
  • Purposeful in everything we do to ensure we maximize the value of planning to FDOT’s programming and project development
  • Adaptable so that we adjust with agility and flexibility as our organization and the transportation industry changes

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