FDOT and Concrete Technical Council (CTC)


The Concrete Technical Council is currently comprised of the Florida Concrete and Products Association, Florida Independent Concrete and Associated Products, the Masonry Association of Florida, the Florida Concrete Pipe Institute and the Florida Prestressed Concrete Association. For additional information on the coalition, please contact the Florida Concrete Products Association at (407) 895-9333 or (800) 342-0080.

Meeting Date/Location

April 12, 2017
Florida Concrete and Products Association Headquarters
6353 Lee Vista Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32822

Meeting Information

2017 FDOT/CTC Minutes (PDF-125KB)

Attachment 2 - Section 353 Highlights (PDF-288KB)

Attachment 3 - Plastic Properties vs. Sampling Locations (XLS-73KB)

Attachment 4 - Concrete Expansion Joints (PDF-308KB)

Attachment 5 - FDOT Concrete Research (PDF-900KB)