Materials Acceptance Guidelines

The following information has been provided as a guide for producers who are seeking to be included on the Materials/Producer Listings. To obtain a copy of the documents listed below, please click on the appropriate hyperlink or contact the State Materials Office at (352) 955-6600.

Materials Acceptance Guidelines


Product Type

General Overview



Aggregate producers must follow Aggregate Rule 14-103.006.

Asphalt Mix

Cementitious Material

Drainage Products


Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

Galvanize Metal Products

Portland Cement Concrete (Structural)

Prestress/Precast Concrete Products

Steel and Miscellaneous Metal


Producers must submit a proposed Quality Control Program to the responsible Materials Office as specified in FDOT Specification 105, Contractor Quality Control General Requirements.


The Department will notify the Producer within 21 days of receipt. The Department may also perform inspections to verify compliance with submitted documents prior to acceptance.