District Maintenance Engineer (DME)

22-03Technical Special Provisions
22-02Build America, Buy America Act- Specification, FDM, and CPAM Changes
22-01Redaction of Bridge Inspection Reports and Load Rating Summary Sheets
 Attachment A - Front Sheet (redacted)
 Attachment B - CIDR Only (redacted)
 Attachment C - Full Inspection Report (redacted)
 Attachment D - Load Rating Summary Form (redacted)
21-03Maintenance Rating Program (MRP) Handbook 2021 Concerning Spanish Needle
21-02Restrictions for Solicitation Events conducted by Charitable Organizations at State of Florida Rest Areas and Welcome Centers - Revised
21-01Heavy Equipment Lease Procedures
20-06Inspection of bolts on Hopkins Frame movable bridges
20-05E-Maintenance Feature- Highway Lighting Inventory and Outage Survey
20-04Managed Lane Markers (Tubular Markers)
20-03Heavy Equipment Lease Procedures
20-02Restrictions for Solicitation Events Conducted by Charitable Organizations at State of Florida Rest Areas and Welcome Centers
20-01Hand Sanitizers at Rest Areas, Welcome Centers, and Truck Comfort Stations
19-02FDOT Maintenance
18-04Crash Cushion
18-03Hurricane Michael
18-02Lane Closure Information System
18-01Guardrail Approach Terminals
17-04Hurricane Irma: Maintenance Rating Program, Rest Area/Welcome Center/Truck Comfort Station Inspections,
and Quality Assurance Review Schedule
17-03Maintenance Rating Program Pavement Symbol Characteristic
17-02Modifications to Asset Maintenance Contracts - Evacuations and Emergency Management
17-01Crash Cushion and Guardrail Approach Terminal In-Service Performance Evaluations
16-04Supplement to DME Memorandum 16-03
16-03Public Records Law Specification Article 3-9
16-02FGT FDOT Encroachment Areas
16-01MASH-16 Implementation Plan
15-05W-Beam Guardrail Panels
15-04Repair of High Tension Cable Barrier
15-03Install Grout Pad on Ancillary Structures
15-02Landscaping Spec Modification
15-01Joint Memo - Landscape


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