2017 Southeastern Regional Maintenance Conference

Presentations and Documents

 Peer Exchange AgendaWord DOCX - 19 KB
 Peer Exchange State Transistions AnimationsPowerPoint PPTX - 21.8 MB
TennesseeTDOT Strike Force: Response to Gatlinburg FiresPowerPoint PPTX - 16.3 MB
MississippiTractor/Mower Rental Program PilotPowerPoint PPTX - 8.39 MB
South CarolinaNew Classification Impact Attenuators and Maintenance ProgramPowerPoint PPTX - 5.15 MB
North CarolinaOutdoor Advertising: Administration and Proposed LegislationPowerPoint PPTX - 6.35 MB
GeorgiaITB Contracting Process and Past Year Work AccomplishmentsPowerPoint PPTX - 323 MB
AlabamaALGO, UAS, ODA, MRB, EGIS, TAMP, and Other Non-Acronym TopicsPowerPoint PPTX - 375 MB
KentuckyKentucky Conference Presentation
     Topic 1: Utilizing Technology to Collect Guardrail Inventories
     Topic 2: Other Maintenance Issues
PowerPoint PPTX - 7.77 MB
TexasTexas Conference Presentation
     Topic 1: Safety Rest Area Program
     Topic 2: Automated Pavement Data Collection
     Topic 3: New Pavement Analyst System
     Topic 4: Hurricane Harvey Response and Recovery
PowerPoint PPTX - 20.1 MB
ArkansasObtaining and Using Federal Funds (Force Account) for MaintenancePowerPoint PPTX - 684 KB
 Bridge Asset Management in ArkansasPowerPoint PPTX - 3.01 MB
VirginiaRichmond District Bridge ImprovementsPowerPoint PPTX - 121 MB
 Maintenance Training Videos and Electronic Bulletin BoardsPowerPoint PPTX - 15.4 MB
 Training Video: ABC Fire ExtinguishersVideo MP4 - 104 MB
 Training Video: Tree TrimmingVideo MP4 - 172 MB
 Training Video: Chipper Safe OperationsVideo MP4 - 129 MB
 Training Video: Desalting EquipmentVideo MP4 - 187 MB
 Training Video: Pothole Patching (2017) Video MP4 - 187 MB
FloridaHurricane Irma Response and RecoveryPowerPoint PPTX - 4.37 MB