Information Technology

Z/Server Dependent Production Applications


The Department has a large scale, integrated infrastructure in which the Z/Enterprise Server (formerly known as the mainframe) is a key component. The Department's computer applications have been built to optimally leverage this infrastructure, so many of them have specific dependencies to the mainframe. Accordingly, when the mainframe is inaccessible these applications will be too.

As of April 12, 2016, the following Production applications have a dependency on the z/Server:

Z/Server Only CICS Based Applications
ARIAccounts Receivable Invoicing
CARCrash Analysis and Reporting
EEDElectronic Estimate Disbursement
FPMFinancial Management System - Federal Programs Management
MSIMaterials and Supplies Inventory
PCMFinancial Management System - Project Cost Management
PCRPavement Coring Reporting
PPSPersonnel / Payroll System
PRTProject Reporting and Tracking
SHRSkid Hazard Reporting System
STPSAMAS Table Processing
WPAFinancial Management System - Work Program Administration
Z/Server Dependent Web Based Applications
BMSCIBridge Management System - Clearance Issues
BQABid Questions and Answers
CFMContract Funds Management
CFSCash Forecasting System
CITSConsultant Invoice Transmittal System
CPPContract Proposal Processing
CPQContract Pre-Qualification
DASDepartmental Accounting System
EIPEnterprise Information Portal (only certain portions)
EPSEmployee Performance System
ERCElectronic Review Comments
FAMSFederal Authorization Management System
FIDOFLAIR Information Delivery Option
FPSFinancial Project Search
FIRMFacilities Inventory Reporting and Maintenance
IARIndustrial Accident Reporting (outdated 2016-03-01)
LAPITLocal Agency Program Information Tool
LFALocal Funds Agreement
LRELong Range Estimating
MACMaterials Acceptance Certification
MEQMobile Equipment
OWPOffice of Work Program
PITPermit Information Tracking System
PSIProfessional Services Information
PSMProject Scheduling and Management
PSEEProject Suite Enterprise Edition (original module only)
RCIRoadway Characteristics Inventory
RWMSRight of Way Management System
SCDStatewide Construction Database (outdated 2016-03-01)
SRSStaff Repository System
TCITraffic Characteristics Inventory
TTSTraining Tracking System
TVITransportation Vendor Information
VERValue Engineering Reporting

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