The PDM will provide Technology project teams within the Department a step by step approach to initiate and manage projects. The FDOT Project Delivery Methodology (PDM) provides tools to make the project manager's job a little easier. It contains definitions, requirements, and templates for the various project management activities needed to deliver successful projects. Applying the PDM to your technology Projects provides Departmental Managers the assurance that all Department technology projects are being managed and delivered in a consistent approach.


The PDM is designed to assist the project manager in identifying the necessary Steps to Success, Phase Requirements, Quick Links, and Phase Support during each phase of the project. The goal of the PDM is to ensure all Departmental technology projects are managed in a common manner, for ease of reporting and tracking to the Division of State Technology (DST). The DST is required by legislative direction to conduct annual assessments of a subset of IT projects to determine State Agency compliance with the Florida IT Project Management standards as set forth in Rule 60GG-1.008, F.A.C. Within FDOT, this includes technology projects managed by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) as well as all technology projects sponsored or managed by other offices within the Department.

The PDM is intended to ensure alignment of FDOT technology projects with the legislatively implemented Rule Chapter 60GG-1, Florida Administrative Code, Project Management and Oversight. The 60GG-1 is closely aligned with the industry standard Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) guidelines for project management. The 60GG-1 provides standards and templates that Florida Agencies are required to follow for technology Projects.

Questions regarding DST compliance on technology projects should be directed to your DST Project Liaison.