The Agency Chief Information Officer (CIO) serves as the director of IT. The CIO must, at a minimum, have knowledge and experience in both management and information technology resources. Greg Smiley is the current Chief Information Officer.

The CIO is responsible for assisting the agency head in carrying out the Department's information resources management responsibilities including but not limited to:

(a)  Coordinating and facilitating the planning and management of agency information technology services.
(b)  Implementing agency information technology planning and management procedures, guidelines, and standards that are consistent with the procedures and standards adopted by the Agency for State Technology.
(c)  Advising agency senior management as to the information technology resource planning and management needs of the agency.
(d)  Assisting in the development and prioritization of the information technology resource needs for the agency's legislative budget request.
(e)  Assisting the Agency for State Technology in the development of strategies for implementing the enterprise information technology services established in law and developing recommendations for enterprise information technology policy.