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District Six Secretary

Stacy Miller

1000 N.W. 111 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33172
(305) 470-5197


(305) 470-5349, Toll Free 1-800-435-2368

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Major Cities

Coral Gables, Hialeah, Homestead, Key West, Miami, and Miami Beach


Miami-Dade and Monroe

State Highway System Summary

Centerline miles - 699.9

Lane miles - 2967.5

Fixed bridges - 454

Movable bridges - 15

District Six encompasses Miami-Dade and Monroe counties in South Florida. The district is home to 2,550,220 people. Its roads are traveled more than 30.8 million miles daily. As of December 31, 2009, daily vehicle miles traveled (DVMT) on state roads for the district is 31,559.8. In 2008, for all public roads in the district, it is 56.7 million DVMT.

FDOT provides funding assistance to Miami-Dade Transit, which operates 893 buses in the district and the City of Key West Department of Transportation, which operates 17 buses. The area is also served by seven public airports, 78 private airports, two rail lines, and two deep-water ports: the Port of Miami and the Port of Key West.