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December 5, 2023


Governor DeSantis’ Focus on Florida’s Future Budget Invests an Unprecedented $15.6 billion in Florida’s Transportation System

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis revealed his Focus on Florida’s Future Budget for Fiscal Year 2024-2025. The Governor’s proposed $15.6 billion budget for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) reflects a significant investment in transportation infrastructure across Florida. The Governor’s budget proposal directly targets critical congestion relief and safety projects and aims to support the resiliency of Florida’s existing and future transportation infrastructure. By focusing on these key areas, FDOT will continue to be a global leader in transportation technology and infrastructure, while continuing to promote a strong and effective supply chain.

“Governor DeSantis' proposed investments in our transportation infrastructure demonstrate his unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for Floridians and local communities. As Florida's population continues to grow, it is crucial that we have a robust transportation network to support our state,” said Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jared W. Perdue, P.E. “This budget proposal reaffirms the Department’s commitment to addressing congestion relief, resiliency, improving safety on our roadways, and strengthening Florida’s supply chain. I commend Governor DeSantis for his continued investments in Florida’s transportation facilities and infrastructure now and in the future.”

Governor DeSantis’ Focus on Florida’s Future Budget provides $14.5 billion for projects in the Fiscal Year 2024-25 FDOT Work Program, a collaborative plan of strategic transportation projects that includes:

  • $5.4 billion for highway maintenance and construction to remain a national leader in maintaining existing roadways while expanding the system by 135 new lane miles 
  • $1.9 billion in resurfacing to include 3,115 lane miles
  • $381.7 million for scheduled repairs of 62 bridges and the replacement of 15 bridges
  • $109.6 million in seaport investments
  • $334.4 million in aviation investments
  • $997.7 million in rail and transit investments
  • $210.1 million for safety initiatives
  • $215.3 million for community trail projects and $70.3 million for the SUN Trail Network
  • $181.3 million for small county programs

In addition to the aforementioned investments, the Governor is also recommending an additional $630 million to further the Moving Florida Forward Infrastructure Initiative and $25 million to provide commercial truck parking relief along the State Highway System. The $15.6 billion budget also includes $75 million in partnership with FloridaCommerce to provide grants to enhance Florida’s supply chain and innovative delivery models, including vertiports, airports, inland ports, seaports, freight railroads, intermodal logistic centers, and fuel pipelines.

While many states rely heavily on the federal government to fund their transportation infrastructure needs, federal funding accounts for just 24% of Florida’s record transportation budget. Rather than support the continued politicization of transportation funding being pushed by the Biden Administration, the Governor’s $15.6 billion recommended budget focuses on prioritizing road projects that reduce congestion and expedite the movement of goods through the state’s supply chain. As such, the budget includes conforming legislation to prevent the continued politicization of transportation infrastructure by:

  • Withholding funding from public transportation entities that violate Florida’s protections against COVID-19 mandates;
  • Withholding state funding from public transit providers who use state funds to promote social, political, or ideological interests on taxpayer-funded buses, trains, and transit infrastructure; and
  • Ensuring state transportation planning practices focus on pecuniary factors, rather than social, political, or ideological interests.

FDOT’s mission is to provide a safe and efficient transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods, enhances economic prosperity, and preserves the quality of the state’s environment and communities. Together with communities and partners, FDOT strives to ensure Floridians are proud that the Sunshine State is the best place to live, learn, work, and play, and that residents and visitors alike are offered the best transportation system and a variety of travel options. For more information, visit

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The Florida Department of Transportation’s mission is to provide a safe transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods, enhances economic prosperity and preserves the quality of the state’s environment and communities. The department is committed to building a transportation system that not only fits the current needs of Florida’s residents and visitors but also enhances mobility throughout the state to accommodate its consistent and rapid growth. The unique nature of the Sunshine State and its year-round warm climate provides numerous opportunities to achieve the department’s mission through multiple transportation modes including highways/streets, air, rail, sea, spaceports, transit, and the ever-expanding deployment of bicycle & pedestrian facilities.