For Immediate Release
April 17, 2023


Florida Department of Transportation Observes
National Work Zone Awareness Week

Motorists Play an Important Role in Work Zone Safety

TALLAHASSEE, FL – This week, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will be joining transportation officials, law enforcement agencies, and community partners to recognize National Work Zone Awareness Week (April 17-21) and highlight the shared responsibility of keeping workers safe while traveling through work zones.

In 2020 alone, 857 individuals– workers, motorists, and passengers alike– were killed in work zone crashes across the country, demonstrating the importance of education and enforcement of safe driver behaviors while in these zones. Throughout this week, FDOT will be partnering with local law enforcement agencies and the Florida Highway Patrol to conduct educational outreach to remind motorists that everyone plays a role in ensuring the safety of roadway workers.

“Florida’s road construction crews work tirelessly to build, maintain, and strengthen our state’s growing transportation system– vital work which places them in harm’s way as they work directly in and around our busy roadways,” said Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jared W. Perdue, P.E. “As our Department works to enhance the safety of our roadway workers through the use of innovative technology, motorists are encouraged to recognize the important individual role they play in keeping these workers safe by using extra caution, adhering to the posted speed limit, and eliminating distractions that hinder safe driving while in work zones. Let’s get everyone home safely.”

Besides temporary traffic control standards in work zones, FDOT uses innovative technologies in road work projects to improve safety. Launched in August 2022, FDOT’s Lane Closure Notification System (LCNS) provides third-party mapping companies with alerts about active work zones or lane closures to be integrated with GPS systems, assisting motorists in navigating these zones safely and efficiently. This first-in-the-nation system has been heavily utilized since its launch, with over 10,000 closures planned on roadways across the state to improve the safety of workers.

For motorists, simple actions can make an impactful difference in work zones. This includes being alert, adhering to the work zone speed limit, slowing down further as necessary, avoiding all distractions, not tailgating, changing lanes cautiously with proper signaling, and being prepared to stop as necessary. By following these safe driver behaviors, we can help keep our roadways safer for everyone.

Please visit FDOT.gov/WorkZone for more Work Zone Awareness Week information, safety tips, and resources. Remember to always drive alert and buckle up.


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