William "Bill" Arata, PSM, District Surveyor - 305-470-5249
Christina Albury, PSM, District Right Of Way Surveyor - 305-470-5489
Pete Diaz, PSM, District Location Surveyor - 305-470-5194
Location map of District 6 in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format) Address
1000 N.W. Avenue
Miami, FL 33172

Location map (PDF, 90 KB)
Surveying Mapping Managers Contact List (PDF, 180 KB)
Survey Control Information Contact List (PDF, 34.5 KB)

Serving the following counties:

Miami-Dade, Monroe.

Map of FDOT District 6
Picture of FDOT survey monument Horizontal Control Information
Ralph Diaz
(305) 470-5195,
Picture of surveying bench mark Vertical Control Benchmark Information
Ralph Diaz
(305) 470-5195,
Sample R/W map R/W Mapping Information
Cristina Albury
(305) 470-5489,

Online Right of Way maps.
Sample Aerial Photography Aerial Photography
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