How To's and Frequently Asked Questions for Landscape Contractors


How do I become a Prequalified Vendor (landscape contractor) for FDOT and bid on landscape construction projects?


For additional information related to this question review the Vendor Guide published by the Procurement Office.

How can I find out about bid advertisements?


Bid advertisements may be found through the official Vendor Bid System.


Where can I find a list of FDOT prequalified landscape contractors?


To view a list of all Prequalified Contractors, go to the Prequalified Contractors Listings. There you will find a full listing of Prequalified Contractors or you may perform a search.


What plants and products does FDOT use?


The Department uses plants and landscape products only as specified in FDOT approved landscape plans.


How do I sell plants and other landscape products to FDOT?


Rarely does FDOT purchase plants and landscape products directly from nurseries. Typically, plants and other products are purchased by the landscape contractor while installing an approved landscape project.


What are the requirements when outdoor advertising signs are near a landscape project?


Detailed requirements for Vegetation Management at Outdoor Advertising Signs examine key considerations for Highway Landscape Projects near Billboards.


Please e-mail the State Transportation Landscape Architect with your questions concerning the Statewide Program for Vegetation Management at Outdoor Advertising Signs.


How do I get a permit for vegetation management at outdoor advertising sign?


The Application to Permit Vegetation Management At Outdoor Advertising Signs can be accessed online (Form Number 650-050-06).


Applications and questions should be submitted to the District Landscape Architect.


Who do I contact about trees or other vegetation interfering with my outdoor advertising sign, business sign, driveway, etc.?


Questions may also be submitted to the State Transportation Landscape Architect. The Florida Department of Transportation Map of all Districts will help determine the appropriate contact.


What landscape training is available and when?


To improve the effectiveness of our engineering practices and procedures, the Training Section provides or coordinates specialized training programs/courses that are provided through the Office of Design and the Roadway Design Office, and when appropriate, professional development hours (PDH's). Training may include: regional training, special requested events, annual Design Update Training, and the bi-annual Design Conference. The training offered is available to both FDOT employees and the Consultant Industry. For details or questions, please e-mail Lisa Williams or call (850) 414-4345.