Contact Management/E-Updates and Contact Mailer

The Contact Management System/E-Updates is a "self service" area where FDOT, Consultants and others can register for information pertinent to their jobs. This replaces several smaller contact databases that are maintained by individual offices. User-ids are the email address one registers with and the passwords are set by the individuals when registering. The passwords never expire.

After registering, you will receive an email to confirm your participation. After authenticating your email and password, you can then register for various interests with the Department. You can edit your preferences at any time simply by logging into the system as an Existing Subscriber.

We also have Group Subscription lists available separate from the Contact Management system. You can subscribe to these that the FDOT Report Subscription site.

Authorized Department users can send out training notices, update memos, and correspondence to a targeted group using the Contact Mailer portion of this system.

For more information about using the Contact Management System, here is a self-paced computer based overview available for our users.