The Professional Engineer (P.E.) Training Program is the Department's premier instructional opportunity for graduate engineers, leading to professional registration and a career path in the exciting world of transportation engineering. The four-year, two-phase training program encompasses all aspects of the Department's operations and prepares the trainee for a role in organizational leadership. Per FDOT Procedure 010-000-050, eligibility for the Engineer in Training position, candidates shall have the following:
  • A Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree from a university accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), or through an equivalent accreditation as described in Chapter 471, Florida Statutes, and Chapter 61G15, Florida Administrative Code or receive degree within 4 months of entering the program.

  • Be a United States citizen, or a lawfully authorized alien worker.

  • Has taken, or is registered to take, the Fundamentals of Engineering examination, as administered by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers, or the equivalent examination administered by another state, prior to appointment.

  • SPECIAL NOTE: For continuing eligibility, all Trainees must obtain the Fundamentals of Engineering certificate within twelve (12) months of appointment. Failure to do so will result in the Trainee being removed from the Program.

  • Not more than two years of post-graduation engineering experience. Candidates with more than two years of engineering experience may qualify for a SET position. Candidates with up to two years of engineering experience may have a portion of this experience applied to a SET position upon successful completion of the EIT portion of the Program.

PE Training Contacts

Joe Santos, P.E.
Manager, P.E Training Program
(850) 414-4097


Program Coordinators

1Cheryl Willetts(863) 519-2637
2Stanley Henderson
Amanda Sharp
(386) 758-3724
(386) 758-3724
3Krissy Cook(850)330-1201
4Nicole Von Behren(954) 777-4107
5Emily Schanker
Tina Carroll
(386) 943-5298
(386) 943-5353
6Cristina Cuesta(305) 470-5165
7Leissa Carver(813) 975-6620
State MaterialsJulianny Acosta(352) 955-6601


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The P.E. Training Program is not open to registered professional engineers or candidates with more than two years of post-graduation engineering experience.
Vacancies in the training program are advertised and may be viewed on the PeopleFirst website. Prospective candidates are encouraged to set up an account in the PeopleFirst system to receive notifications about PE Trainee openings.

Reference Information

FDOT Procedure 010-000-050 - For further Engineer in Training and Senior Engineer in Training eligibility requirements.

P.E. Training Program Engineering in Training Phase Guidelines and Checklists - For additional phase information.