Debris Removal for Non-Prequalified Contractors


Emergency Debris Removal Application


All vendors seeking to contract with FDOT for Emergency Debris Removal must become prequalified.


All vendors wishing to do business with any State agency must register at the following web site:   The vendor number assigned to the firm as a result of this registration should be provided at time of Application submittal.


Instructions for Completing Online Emergency Debris Removal Application

Debris Removal Checklist


Choose one of the following:

  1. Online Prequalification Application (CPQ) - All Work Classes including Debris Removal

  2. Complete the Debris Removal Contractor Sign Up Form and attach via online application


To attach the Debris Clearing Sign-Up Form to the online application:

  1. Click Manage Tab in the online application

  2. Click Submit Sub Tab

  3. Attach the Debris Clearing Sign-Up Form in the Additional Attachment section

  4. Click Submit

Additional Requirements for Online Applicants


Please attach as a Word or PDF document with written documentation that the applicant has served as a prime for a governmental agency and a letter of recommendation from that agency. In addition, answer the following questions below.

  1. Detail your ability to track debris removal in accordance with FHWA Emergency Relief and FEMA debris removal laws, regulations and guidelines.

  2. Explain how quickly you can and will respond to emergency debris removal task orders.

  3. Explain your plan for sustaining the entire operation if no motels are available. For example, obtaining fuel, food, water and temporary housing for the crew.