Online Ordering Important Points

Registration and User Roles
1.Individuals that have registered through the Online Ordering process and submitted a completed "Exempt Documents Distribution Agreement" form will be made active, associated with a company in the system and have his role set by the Contracts Administration Office after a verification process has been completed.
2.When this process is complete the individual will receive an Email stating they are approved to begin ordering.
3.A user's email address used in CPP Online Ordering can only be associated to one Company. A user who has been made inactive with that Company must re-register with a different email address and be processed through verification/approval steps if they become authorized to represent another company.
4.There are two roles for active users: 1. Authorized User and 2. Lead User. Both groups can order and download documents for their Company
5.Lead Users will be able to make all other persons, including other Lead Users, in their Company "Inactive" in Online Ordering.
6.Lead Users will not be able to make any person in their Company "Active" in Online Ordering.
7.There will be no more than 4 active Lead Users for a given Company.
8.There will be no more than 10 active Authorized Users for a given Company.
9.If there is only one "Active" user for a Company that user must be a Lead User.


The term "Bid Document Request Pending" in the Order status field signifies that the system could not approve the Bid Document for the Company. An Email stating the reason(s) will be sent to the person placing the order. The Contracts Office will also contact the Company regarding actions that could be taken to become eligible.
2.Project Plan Revisions, Addenda and Amendments can all be downloaded from CPP Online Ordering immediately after contractor is notified.
3.Bid Documents can be ordered up to the "Cutoff" (24 hours before the Letting Date/Time) for a Letting.
4.All authorized users can download orders placed by any individual in the Company up to one year after the Letting Date/Time.
5.Plans and Specifications can be ordered up to one year after the Letting Date/Time.


Step-by-Step Registration Process

Click here to register: Contract Proposal Processing Online Ordering