Online Ordering Frequently Asked Questions




1.Can I continue to order documents using the Fax Order Form?No, Online Ordering must be used for all orders for advertised projects as stipulated in the applicable Bid Solicitation Notice(s).
2.What is the cost for downloading plans?There is no charge to download the documents.
3.What Internet Browsers are compatible with the Online Ordering processes? While other Browsers may work, the Department supports Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher and Firefox version 3.0 or higher.
4.Does my Company need a My Florida Market Place Vendor Number to use Online Ordering? Yes, All Companies wishing to do business with any state agency must register at the following web site: and receive a State of Florida Vendor Number.
5.What are the advantages to using Online Ordering for my Company? * Ability to place orders for both Central Office and District Contracts Office project(s) at the same time.

* Ability to download the documents immediately upon completion of the order.

* No charge for these documents.
6.How do individuals register to use the Online Ordering System? Please refer to the step by step Registration Instructions accessed via this Link: Step-by-Step Registration Process
7.Once I am registered, how do I place orders online? Please refer to the step by step Ordering Instructions accessed via this Link: Contract Proposal Processing Online Ordering
8.If another person in the company orders plans, specifications and bid documents how will I see them?


All persons in the company that are approved to order online can view and download all documents ordered by anyone in the company.  The documents are available for one year after the letting.