Previous Construction Memo's that have expired will still apply to the projects let prior to the dates referenced in the memo, but will now require State Construction Engineer approval to ensure the intent of the memo is still applicable.

 DCE Memo's 2019
21-19Cemex Brooksville (CMT08) (*.pdf, 132 KB)
19-19Specification 536 Revision (Guardrail) (*.pdf, 127 KB)
15-19Suwannee American Cement Company, Sumterville, FL (CMT 40) REVISED (*.pdf, 252 KB)
13-19MAC & CTQP (*.pdf, 260 KB)
11-19Straightedge Deficiencies Left in Place at Full Pay (pdf, 642 KB)
10-19Independence Day Holiday (pdf, 196 KB)
09-19Cemex Miami (*.pdf, 236 KB)
07-19Temporary Concrete Barrier
06-19High Polymer Binder Mixture Usage
05-19Special Provision 346 - Straight Cement Mixes
04-19Suwannee American Cement Company, Sumterville, FL (CMT40)
03-19Suwannee American Cement Company. Branford, FL (CMT29)
02-19Suwannee American Cement (CMT29) - Branford, FL (*.pdf, 216 KB)
01-19Argos Tampa Slag Facility (SLAG01)