Previous Construction Memo's that have expired will still apply to the projects let prior to the dates referenced in the memo, but will now require State Construction Engineer approval to ensure the intent of the memo is still applicable.

 DCE Memo's 2017
01-17Asphalt Roadway-Daily Report of Quality Control Upload to Material Acceptance and Certification Database (*.pdf, 173kb)
02-17Acceptance of Brick Masonry Sand (*.pdf, 169kb)
03-17Asphalt Roadway Pavement As-Built Data (*.pdf, 169kb)
05-17Soil Classification Acceptance Criteria (*.pdf 169kb)
04-17Revisions To Specification Section 400 - Concrete Structures (*.pdf, 101kb)
07-17Titan America Cement Company Plant (CMT23) (*.pdf 179kb)
08-17Suspension of Contractor's Operations - Holidays and Special Events (Article 8-6.4) - Independence Day (July 4th) Holiday (*.pdf, 75kb)
09-17Lehigh Cape Canaveral Slag Plant (SLAG08) (*.pdf, 182kb)
11-17Changing PG 82-22 (PMA) To High Polymer Binder (*.pdf, 53kb)
10-17Materials Manual - Chapter 8.4, Vol II (*.pdf, 72kb)
12-17Manual on Speed Zoning for Highways, Roads, and Streets in Florida and associated Design Standards Revisions (*.pdf, 1.62mb)
13-17Argos USA Corporation, Cement Plant (CMT09) (*.pdf, 278kb)
14-17Revisions To Specifications Section 121 - Flowable Fill (*.pdf, 907kb)
15-17America Cement Company Plant (CMT40) (*.pdf, 1.5Mb)
16-17Buy America Requirements - All Producers (*.pdf, 1178kb)
17-17Contractor QC Plans in MAC (*.pdf, 110kb)
18-17Traffic Level Substitutions of Asphalt Mixes (*.pdf, 178kb)
19-17Suwannee American Cement LLC Plant (CMT29) (*.pdf, 71kb)