DCE Memos - 2013

Previous Construction Memo's that have expired will still apply to the projects let prior to the dates referenced in the memo, but will now require State Construction Engineer approval to ensure the intent of the memo is still applicable.

 DCE Memo's 2013
26-13Suspension of Contractors Operations (Holidays & Special Events)
25-13Specification Change for RipRap, Rubble (Bank & Shore) 530-2.2.1
24-13Conflict of Interest Clarification
23-13External Sign Lighting on Overhead Signs  (Additional Information)
22-13Public Records Law Specification Article 3-9
21-13Programming & Funding for Landscape Contracts
20-13American Cement Company Plant (CMT 40)
19-13 Replacement of Comp Books with Plan Summary Boxes
18-13Identification of Concrete Testing Technicians on the Material Sample Transmittal Card
(C-22 Card)
17-13Specification 430-4.8 Pipe Inspection
16-13Demonstration Project for Non-Metallic Rebar Fasteners
15-13Change from ARB-5 and ARB-12 to PG 76-22 (ARB) on Projects Let Prior to 7/1/13
14-13Changes to Standard CEI, Pre-Event & Hybrid Scope of Services Revised 6/28/13
13-13Implementation of Electronic Submissions of Construction Documentation
12-13Correction to Design Standard, Index 11200
11-13Revisions to CTQM Requirements for Requalification of QC Manager, Asphalt Mix Designer, & Concrete Lab Level 2.
10-13Boral Plant Bowen Fly Ash (FA02)
09-13Implementation of New Concrete Surface Finish Policy on Projects in Progress
08-13End of Asphalt Load Segregation Concerns
07-13Technical Specification Change for Reclaimed Concrete Aggregate (on Federal-Aid Projects)
06-13Approval of Chapter 8.4 of the Materials Manual
05-13Headwaters Resources - Orlando, Stanton, Fly Ash (FA20)
04-13Separation Technologies - Jacksonville, Fly Ash (FA17)
03-13Structural Concrete Resolution Cost for Verification Being Upheld
02-13Design-Build & Public-Private Partnership Phase Reviewers;
Modifications to Electronic Review Comment (ERC) System
01-13Modification to Testing Requirements for RAP Stockpiles (Specification Sections 320 & 334)