DCE Memos - 2012

Previous Construction Memo's that have expired will still apply to the projects let prior to the dates referenced in the memo, but will now require State Construction Engineer approval to ensure the intent of the memo is still applicable.

 DCE Memo's 2012
28-12Boral Plant Bowen Fly Ash (FA02)
27-12Backfill Density Requirements for Pipe Culverts & Structures
26-12Modifications to Section 916 - Bituminous Materials
25-12FDOT 415 Temporary Concrete Barrier Wall Units
24-12Titan America Pennsuco Cement Plant (CMT23)
23-12High Visibility Safety Apparel - Design Standards Revision (R1303)
22-12Permanent & Temporary Crash Cushion Selection
21-12Barrier & Traffic Railing Mounted Signs - Design Standards Revision (R1302) REVISED 7/30/12
20-12Modifications to Section 334 Superpave Asphalt Concrete
19-12Modifications to Section 300 Prime and Tack Coats
18-12Revision of Specification 451-4.6, Bearing Plates for Prestressed Soil Anchors
17-12Acceptance of Photocopies of Certified Payrolls
16-12Commercial Material for Driveway Maintenance
15-12Lifting of Interim Restrictions on Class II HDPE Pipe
14-12Coating of Structural Steel:  Soluble Salt Testing & Caulking
13-12Silt Fence Stake Size Clarification
12-12Interpretation of Supplemental Specification 455 (Dynamic Load Tests)
11-12Cross-Hole Sonic Logging (CSL) Tubes
10-12Inclusion of FHWA 1273 in Sub-Contracts Revised 10/8/13
09-12Thermoplastic Observation Period
08-12Implementation of Specification 4-3.9.1 (Cost Savings Initiative Proposals) for Design-Build Projects
07-12Labeling of SW Highway Thermoplastic Material
06-12American Cement Company Cement Plant (CMT40)
05-12Specification Change for Coarse Aggregate - No. 89 Stone Specification for No. 8 Sieve
04-12St. Johns River Power Park Fly Ash Plant (FA17)
03-12Reinforcing Steel Sample Frequency, Metals & Guardrail Steel Acceptance
02-12Waste Asphalt Quantity Determination
01-12Pre-stressed Concrete Products Curing Period