DCE Memos - 2005

Construction Memos and Bulletins expire at the end of the calendar year in which they are issued, unless they are listed under the current memos.

DCE Memo's 2005

32-05Payment of Bond for Extra Work (PDF File, 124kb)
31-05Verification Testing of Manufactured Products (PDF File, 97kb)
30-05Hurricane Wilma Impacts (PDF File, 305kb)
29-05Policies for Welding Procedure Specifications & Repairs of Steel - Effective January 2006 Lettings (PDF File, 141kb)
28-05ASTM International Changes to Concrete Testing (PDF File, 141kb)
27-052005 Hurricane Impacts (PDF File, 281kb)
26-05Use of Approved Aggregate Products w/out Producer Certification (PDF File, 202kb)
25-05Use of Positive Spot Test PG Asphalt Binders
24-05# 78 Coarse Aggregate
23-05Use of High Visibility Safety Apparel
22-05Radar Speed Display Unit - Message Display
21-05Adjustment to Contract Time Due to Hurricane Katrina
20-05Bearing Plates on Prestressed Concrete Beams
19-05Documenting Asphalt Quantities on Multiple Financial Identification Number (FIN) Projects Under One Contract
18-05Use of RAP Material in Roadway Embankment Construction
17-05Roll for the State Construction Structures Engineer (SCSE) Related to Construction of Category 2 Bridges
16-05Precast/Prestressed Concrete Plant Quality Control Manager
15-05Policy for Existing Roadway & Traffic Design Standards Index No. 401 Bridge Railing Retrofits (PDF File 373kb)
14-05Adjustment to Incentive/Disincentive & Non-excuse Bonus Contracts Due to Material Shortages (PDF File, 56kb)
13-05Certification of Sheeting for Signs Used in the Work Zone (PDF File, 103kb)
12-05Retaining Wall Systems Interim Standards Index, Nos. 5040, 5045, 5010, 5140
(PDF File, 191kb)
11-05Class II (HDPE) Corrugated Pipe Procedures (PDF File, 305kb)
10-05Substitution of 07/05 Version of Section 334 (PDF File, 39kb)
09-05Use of RAP Material in Roadway Construction (PDF File, 40kb)
08-05Clarification of a Note - 2004 Roadway Standard Drawing 9535, Sheet 1 of 3
07-05LIMS Data Entry - Disposition Codes
06-05Use of Motorist Awareness System (MAS) (PDF File, 325kb)
A related Motorist Awareness System Email (May 9, 2005)
is attached for viewing.
An additional Motorist Awareness related email (July 11, 2005) is attached.
05-05Interpretation of Specification 415-5.13.2 Regarding the Prohibition for the Use of Metal Chairs and Bolsters in Extremely Aggressive Environments(PDF File, 59kb)
04-05Clarification of Specification 105-5.8 Revision (PDF File, 240kb)
03-05Pile Hammer Approvals (PDF File, 65kb)


Delineation Guidance (PDF File, 56kb)


Inspection of Drilled Shafts by CTQP Qualified Staff (PDF File, 109kb)