DCE Memos - 2002

Construction Memos and Bulletins expire at the end of the calendar year in which they are issued, unless they are listed under the current memos.
DCE Memo's for 2002Memo Number

Test Specification Section 330-12.7 (89.2kb) Attachment to Memo 32-0232-02
Compacting and Finishing Base (37.7kb)31-02
Precast Concrete Pipe & Drainage Structures (60.2 kb)30-02
Implementation of Manufactured Products Acceptance (94.5 kb)29-02
Composite Pay Factor Adjustment for Superpave (42.8 kb)28-02
Wage Rate Table on Federal Aid Projects (32.8 kb)27-02
Role for the State Construction Structures Engineer (SCSE) Related to Construction of Complex
Category 2 (CC2) Bridges (87kb)
SUBARTICLE 400-14, Removal of Forms (45kb)25-02
Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) for Use in Asphalt Rubber Binder (66kb)24-02
Maximum Density for Limerock Base (52.9kb)22-02
Design-Build, Technical Proposals, Plans, etc... (205kb)21-02
Neoprene Bearing Pads not on QPL (38.4kb)20-02
Substitution to a Higher Class of Concrete (28.2kb)19-02
Frequency Reduction of Reinforcing Steel (27.8kb)18-02
Design-Build - Payment for Replacement of Vehicular Attenuators (43kb)17-02
Project Documentation in the Delegation of Final Materials Certifications (140kb)16-02
Contractor Guaranteed Asphalt Pavement (25.9kb)15-02
Rolled Sod Netting - Section 981 (39kb)14-02
Not Enforcing QPL Requirements for Luminaire Specification (50.2kb)13-02
Profile Grinding Decks 8" or Less (43kb)12-02
Temporary Curb Used in the Median (39.5kb)11-02
Removal of King Block from Qualified Products List (22.5kb)10-02
Identification Markings for Aluminum Drainage Pipe (34.9kb)09-02
Utility Company/QPL Items (46.0kb)08-02
Environmental Reevaluations in the Design Build Process (68.5kb)07-02
District Compliance Personnel Titles (31kb)06-02
Outstanding Project Awards (54.5kb)05-02
SDO Temporary Design Bulletin (65.6kb)04-02
Design Standards-Elimination of Bearing Plate Detail (65kb)03-02
ACA Pavement Awards Nominations (21.0kb)02-02
New Reason Code-Supplemental Agreement Tracking System (20.1kb)01-02

DFEE Memo's for 2002Memo Number
Statewide Final Estimates Preparation Seminar (pdf file 74.4kb) 01-02
DOP Memo's for 2002Memo Number
Removal from QPL-Stimsonite C88 Reflective Marker (pdf file 75.4kb)01-02