Memos - 2001

Construction Memos and Bulletins expire at the end of the calendar year in which they are issued, unless they are listed under the current memos.


<align="left">District Construction Engineer Memos for 2001</align="left"> Number
Discontinuation of the Contractor's Annual Project Summary of Wages Collection19-01
Specification Requirements for Asphalt Rubber Binder (pdf file 56.3kb)18-01
Index 415 Precast Concrete Temporary Barrier Wall(pdf file 68.4kb)17-01
Test Project for Pavement Smoothness Acceptance Specification (pdf file 53.4kb)16-01
Referee Analysis for Asphalt Content Using Ignition Oven (pdf file 63.0kb)15-01
Referee Analysis for Asphalt Content Using Non-Chlorinated Solvent (pdf file 36.6kb)14-01
Contractor Past Performance Report (pdf file 379.4kb)13-01
Finish Soil Layer Organic Content (REVISION) (pdf file 31.5kb)Revised
Finish Soil Layer Organic Content  (pdf file 5.5kb)12-01
Elimination of Retainage and Securities  (pdf file 5.4kb)11-01
Superpave Binders  (pdf file 6.5kb)10-01
Alternatives to the Conventional Density Logbook  (pdf file 33.9kb)09-01
Qualified technicians on FHWA Projects  (pdf file 20.9kb)08-01
Supplemental agreements to require shuttle buggy in asphalt concrete (pdf file 5.1kb)07-01
2001 Outstanding Project Awards  (pdf file 16.7kb)06-01
Revised Construction Crash Reports  (pdf file 5.1kb)05-01
Revision to Memorandum No. 32 on Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Training   (pdf file 5.7kb) 04-01
Federal Aid Project Administration - New Exemption Agreement (pdf file 5.9kb) 03-01
Adhesive Bonding Systems for Structural Applications, Sections 416 and 937 (pdf file 16.6kb) 02-01
Patching External Tendon Post-Tensioning Ducts (pdf file 7.3kb)01-01


<align="left">Director of Operations Memo's for 2001</align="left">Memo Number
Latent Defects in Materials and Workmanship (pdf file 121.6kb) 01-01