Construction Memos and Bulletins expire at the end of the calendar year in which they are issued, unless they are listed under the current memos.


District Construction Engineer Memos for 2001 Number
Discontinuation of the Contractor's Annual Project Summary of Wages Collection19-01
Specification Requirements for Asphalt Rubber Binder (pdf file 56.3kb)18-01
Index 415 Precast Concrete Temporary Barrier Wall (pdf file 68.4kb)17-01
Test Project for Pavement Smoothness Acceptance Specification (pdf file 53.4kb)16-01
Referee Analysis for Asphalt Content Using Ignition Oven (pdf file 63.0kb)15-01
Referee Analysis for Asphalt Content Using Non-Chlorinated Solvent (pdf file 36.6kb)14-01
Contractor Past Performance Report (pdf file 379.4kb)13-01
Finish Soil Layer Organic Content (REVISION) (pdf file 31.5kb)Revised
Finish Soil Layer Organic Content  (pdf file 5.5kb)12-01
Elimination of Retainage and Securities  (pdf file 5.4kb)11-01
Superpave Binders  (pdf file 6.5kb)10-01
Alternatives to the Conventional Density Logbook  (pdf file 33.9kb)09-01
Qualified technicians on FHWA Projects  (pdf file 20.9kb)08-01
Supplemental agreements to require shuttle buggy in asphalt concrete (pdf file 5.1kb)07-01
2001 Outstanding Project Awards  (pdf file 16.7kb)06-01
Revised Construction Crash Reports  (pdf file 5.1kb)05-01
Revision to Memorandum No. 32 on Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Training  (pdf file 5.7kb)04-01
Federal Aid Project Administration - New Exemption Agreement (pdf file 5.9kb)03-01
Adhesive Bonding Systems for Structural Applications, Sections 416 and 937 (pdf file 16.6kb)02-01
Patching External Tendon Post-Tensioning Ducts (pdf file 7.3kb)01-01


Director of Operations Memo's for 2001Memo Number
Latent Defects in Materials and Workmanship (pdf file 121.6kb)01-01