DCE Memos - 1999

Construction Memos and Bulletins expire at the end of the calendar year in which they are issued, unless they are listed under the current memos.
DCE Memos for 1999Memo number
DFE QC Plan (PDF File, 17.0kb)036-99
Unpaid Bills Claims & the Contractor's Affidavit & Surety Consent Form (PDF File, 7.0kb) 035-99
Final Straightedge (PDF File, 4.8kb)034-99
FDOT/FTBA Construction Conference (PDF File, 5.8kb)033-99
Development of Statewide QA/QC Plan (PDF File, 5.0kb)032-99
Interim Guidelines for Construction Document Management System (CDMS) (PDF File, 13.5kb) 031-99
Contract Change Coding in CARS and CRS Final Assessment Report (PDF File, 437kb) 030-99
Utilization of CQR for Recovered Viscosities of Recycle Mixes (PDF File, 120kb) 029-99
Proposed CPAM Revisions (PDF File, 38kb)028-99
Memo to Contractors (PDF File, 70.8kb)027-99
Lighting Requirements on Construction Projects (PDF File, 39.7kb)025-99
Class I Nonstructural Concrete Specification Section 347 (Pdf File, 191kb) 024-99
Extension of Physical Limits of a Project (PDF File, 24.1kb)023-99
Contract Change Coding in CARS and CARS - an Initial Assessment Report (PDF File, 547kb) 022-99
Wage Survey Methodology (PDF File, 43.3kb)021-99
Federal Aid Project Administration - New Exemption Agreement (PDF File, 89.4kb) 020-99
Minutes - Quarterly DCE Meeting - June 16-17, 1999 (PDF File, 219kb)019-99
Deck Elevation Adjustments for Beam Camber (PDF File, 53.5kb)018-99
CPAM - Third Edition - Additions (PDF File, 33.3kb)017-99
Welding Workshop, August 24 - 26 (PDF File, 431kb)016-99
Consultant CEI Scopes (PDF File, 78.5kb)015-99
Sampling and Testing of Materials Added by S.A.s and Work Orders (PDF File, 66.4kb) 014-99
CPAM - Third Edition (PDF File, 34.9kb)013-99
Maintenance of Reflective Pavement Markers (PDF File, 387kb)012-99
Roadway and Traffic Design Standards Index 435 (PDF File, 63.6kb)011-99
Statewide Construction Geotechnical Meeting (PDF File, 151kb)010-99
Revised False Statement Poster (Form FHWA-1022) (PDF File, 111kb)009-99
1999 Outstanding Project Awards (PDF File, 60kb)008-99
CPAM Proposed Revisions - Chapter 9 (PDF File, 21.2kb)007-99
Maintenance of Traffic Self Study Course (PDF File, 88.2kb)006-99
CPAM Proposed Revisions - Chapter 6 (PDF File, 22.3kb)005-99
CPAM Additional Proposed Revisions - Chapter 4 (PDF File, 34kb)004-99
Statewide Geotechnical Construction Issues (PDF File, 27.8kb)003-99
1999 Southern Regional Quality Workshop of Materials and Construction (PDF File, 31kb) 002-99
Proposed Revisions to CPAM - Chapter 4 (PDF File, 27kb)001-99